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  1. Dropbox for Android Gets Beta UI Update on the Nexus 7
  2. T-Mobile Jumps on the Black Samsung Galaxy S III Bandwagon
  3. Galaxy Note 10.1 Supertab Officially Unveiled by Samsung; Debuts August 16th for $500
  4. [Crazy Deal] Sprint Offering $100 AmEX Gift Card With Every Smartphone Buy & Contract
  5. Pinterest App Now Available for Android on the Google Play Store
  6. [Rumor] Verizon Won't Have a Droid RAZR HD MAXX; Only a Droid RAZR HD with 8MP Cam
  7. Verizon Officially Announces the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 4G LTE Edition for $350
  8. Today is Last Chance To Download Adobe Flash for Your Android Device
  9. [Rumor] Galaxy S III May Get Jelly Bean Aug 29 & (prob fake) Galaxy Note 2 Pic Leaked
  10. Android Tablet Summer Buyer's Guide Series, Part Two: Mid-Range Edition
  11. Black Version of the Samsung Galaxy S III Will Indeed Be Coming Soon in the UK
  12. Sprint Officially Announces Launch Date for the Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE: August 19th
  13. [Rumor] Acer Iconia A110 7-inch Tablet May Launch with Jelly Bean Afterall...
  14. [Rumor] Motorola Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich Update Maybe Coming This Week?
  15. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi Getting Ice Cream Sandwich Update Roll-Out
  16. Google Earth Satellite Images May Have Uncovered Hidden Lost Egyptian Pyramids
  17. Apple v. Samsung Compilation Story for Last Week and Beginning of This Week
  18. Motorola 'Reinventing Itself'; Cutting Staff and Concentrating on Fewer Devices
  19. [Rumor] Motorola Droid RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD Coming October
  20. [Crazy Deal] Motorola Droid RAZR for Just a Penny at Amazon Wireless!
  21. New OTA Update Center Allows Devs to Push Updates for Custom ROMs
  22. Android Tablet Summer Buyer's Guide Series, Part One: High-End/Enthusiast Edition
  23. [Crazy Deal] Acer Iconia Tab A Series VanGough Edition 7" for Only $129.99
  24. [Rumor] HTC Thunderbolt to Get Ice Cream Sandwich Near the End of Aug or Early Sept
  25. HTC Down, But Not Out; Taiwanese Government Will Step in to Assist
  26. Samsung Reveals World's First Cortex A15 SoC: Exynos 5 Dual (5250); Speedy Future
  27. Google's First Android Smartphone Gets 'New Life' with Jelly Bean Port
  28. Sprint Offering Free ZTE Optik Tab with any Smartphone Purchase; Aug 12 to Sept 30
  29. Samsung Announces Galaxy S III to be First HD Voice Over LTE Phone Globally
  30. [Rumor] International Motorola Droid RAZR Getting ICS Starting Today
  31. [Rumor] Sprint's Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE May Arrive August 19th
  32. Google Nexus D Prototype Mock-Up Gets the Imagination Juices Flowing
  33. Google's Translate App Gets a Nice Upgrade; Can Now Translate Signs with Phone Camera
  34. Need Your Verizon Galaxy S III to be a World Phone for Traveling? Here's How...
  35. OUYA's Popularity Rises Fast; Already Raises $8.6 Million in Just a Month
  36. Gameloft Releases Trailer for Previously Teased Unreal Engine Game: 'Wild Blood'
  37. Could a Black Version of the Samsung Galaxy S III be in the Works?
  38. The LTE Variant of the Transformer Pad TF300TL Coming to Germany and Austria
  39. Google and Oracle Ordered to Disclose Which Journalists They Paid for Coverage
  40. Amazon's Kindle Fire Almost Equals iPad in New Customer Satisfaction Survey
  41. HTC's Financials are Getting Worse; Things Look Very Grim and Investors are Bailing
  42. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 May Have Samsung's First Flexible Display (Although Not Bendy)
  43. MetroPCS is Officially the First US Network to Launch Voice-Over-LTE
  44. Verizon Has More Shared Data Plans, But They Are a Secret Unless You Ask For Them
  45. Nexus 7 Overclocked to 1.64GHz Annihilates Benchmarks
  46. Motorola Does About Face with 'Mystery' Phone; Not the RAZR HD - Already Available
  47. [Crazy Deal] Get a 10" Toshiba Thrive for Just $200 Bucks at 1SaleADay.com Today Only
  48. [Crazy Deal] Sprint's Samsung Galaxy S III Now Available for $100 Bucks New Contract
  49. Hilarious List of 20 Patents Invented by Celebrities
  50. [Crazy Deal] HTC EVO 4G LTE Only a Penny on Amazon Wireless Now!
  51. Sprint's 4G LTE Network Ahead of Schedule; Now Available in South SF Bay Area
  52. XBMC Teams Up with OUYA to Provide Media Sharing
  53. New Soak Test for the Motorola Droid 4 is Likely Ice Cream Sandwich
  54. Motorola Teases Mystery Device set to Launch Friday
  55. Thrive Finally Gets Its Taste of Ice Cream Sandwich!
  56. Grab a Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Free at Best Buy for a Limited Time
  57. Samsung Makes the Galaxy Note 10.1 Source Code Available Already
  58. [Rumor] Galaxy S III Getting Jelly Bean By End of Q3; SGS2 and G-Note Soon After
  59. Samsung is Offering a BuyBack Program for Old Phones for Buying a New Galaxy Phone
  60. Verizon's Spectrum Deal with Comcast May Go Through, but Has Some Tough Hurdles
  61. Samsung Officially Launches the Quad-Core Galaxy Note 10.1 with 2GB RAM & More
  62. [Rumor] More Rumors Suggest HTC Working on Their Own 5-inch Phone
  63. Apple vs. Samsung Quick Summary of New Developments for August 3rd
  64. Samsung Rep Supposedly Confirms the Galaxy Note 2 Will Launch Aug 29
  65. Phone and Tablet List Known to be Getting Updates to Jelly Bean
  66. Gameloft Teases a New Game; Will Be Their First Unreal Engine Powered Game
  67. New US Congressional Bill Introduced Called the SHIELD Act Aims to Stop Patent Trolls
  68. Chameleon For Android Tablets Gets a Beta Launch in the Google Play Store
  69. Samsung Teases Magic at the IFA Unpacked Event on Aug 29; Could be the Galaxy Note 2?
  70. Ematic eGlide 4 Android 4.0 Tablet Available at WalMart for $80 Bucks
  71. Archos is Teasing Their Next Tablet the Gen10 xs; Will Launch in a Few Weeks
  72. Perry Mason-like Drama Emerges From Samsung v. Apple Fight; Judge Koh "visibly upset"
  73. HTC Rezound Now Receiving Ice Cream Sandwich Update
  74. Google Officially Announces a Brand New Android Blog; Replaces Original Google Blog
  75. OUYA Continues to Expand their Partnership Alliance; Now VEVO Joins Them
  76. New 7-Inch Tablet with Jelly Bean Selling in India for Only $125
  77. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7500 and P7510 Getting Android 4.0/IC S Update
  78. Sony Having a Hard Time Making Up Their Minds About Jelly Bean on their 2011 Devices
  79. GLBenchmark Updates to 2.5 for Android with More Stringent Graphics Tests
  80. Asus Made Accessories Emerge for the Nexus 7; Bluetooth KB Case & Rotating Folio
  81. Google Must Delay the Nexus Q, but Customers Who Pre-Ordered Will get it Free!
  82. Sprint's HTC Evo 3D Now Receiving Ice Cream Sandwich a Few Days Ahead of Schedule
  83. [Deal Alert] $40 Credit For Signing Up to a New VZW Share Everything Plan on Amazon
  84. Samsung Mobile Launches Music Hub in the US for the SGSIII
  85. Premium Official Accessories with Leather Case and Pogo Dock Leak for the Nexus 7
  86. OUYA Signs More Big Partners; Square Enix Provides Final Fantasy III as Launch Title
  87. New Tokova Soulja Boy Branded Tablets Available Now
  88. Sony to Unify Phones & Tablets Under the 'Xperia' Name; 9.4" Aluminum Tab in Sept.
  89. [Rumor] ZTE Flash Heading to Sprint with 4.5-Inch 720p IPS & 12.6MP Camera
  90. New 'Pantech Marauder' Coming to VZW: Budget Phone With Slider Keyboard for $50
  91. 16GB Version of the Nexus 7 is Now Back and Available in the Google Play Store
  92. AT&T's HTC One X Drops to just $99 on a New Contract
  93. Dead Space for Android Now Updated With Support for the Nexus 7
  94. Introducing the Android.net Icon Pack - Series 4
  95. New Jelly Bean Factory Images for Nexus Devices Released for Nexus 7, G-Nex & More
  96. The Archos 97 Carbon Tablet Now Available for $250
  97. Life-Size Functional Mech Called the Karatas; Touch-Screen and 3G Phone Controllable
  98. Samsung's Breakthrough OLED Displays with 350ppi Will Soon Surpass iPhone Retina
  99. Transformer Pad Infinity Getting a Stability and Performance Update Rollout Now
  100. The $25 Dollar Credit that Comes With the Nexus 7 Makes Instapaper 600% More Popular
  101. Casio Moves from Tough Android Watches to Tough Android Tablets
  102. Android Rocket & Aeronautics Commission (ANDRAC); Sending Andy Figurines Skyward!
  103. Google Handwrite Brings Back Old School Writing
  104. A New Fujitsu Android Tablet Makes its Way through the FCC: The Stylistic M532
  105. Facebook Dismisses Phone Rumor
  106. Jelly Bean is Now Rolling Out to the WiFi Motorola XOOM (Started Last Night)
  107. Asus Releases a Bootloader Unlock tool for the Transformer Pad Infinity
  108. Official Nexus 7 Cover Now Available in the Google Play Store for $19.99
  109. OUYA Will Also Include OnLive Gaming Support on Launch; Full Controller Pictured
  110. Microsoft Succeeds in Banning All Motorola Android Devices from Germany
  111. Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite Challenges the Nexus 7 With Included 3G and Odd Tagline
  112. Samsung Crushes the iPhone in Q2 with Double the Sales
  113. The Elite Team: Group of Passionate Devs Accepting Apps Over on NexusTablets.net
  114. Samsung Reports Search Function Removal From International SGS3 Mistake; Fix Coming
  115. [Rumor] New HTC One X+ May be Coming to T-Mobile with a 1.7GHz Overclocked Tegra 3
  116. Sprint Officially Unveils new Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE with Full QWERTY
  117. Sprint's Moto Photon Q LTE Spilled by CEO in Conference Call; Leaked Pic Shows QWERTY
  118. New Report May Confirm Earlier Rumors of HTC and Facebook Phone Teamup; Coming 2013
  119. Verizon's Cellebrite System Shows Off an LG Spectrum 2
  120. Despite High Price Tag, Google Nexus Q Media Device Sells Out Same Day Available
  121. Samsung Legal Filing Reveals Different Picture than Apple Claims; Apple Stole Ideas
  122. New Atom Based Chips Confirmed to Work with Jelly Bean According to Intel
  123. Sneaky Update from Samsung Strips the International Galaxy S III of Local Search
  124. Google's SEC Filing Indicates Almost Half of the $12.4 Billion Paid just for Patents
  125. Huawei Debuts New MediaPad 7 Lite Without Sharing the Specs
  126. Asus Padfone Gets OTA Update with a Slew of New Features and Fixes
  127. World's Most Powerful Android Tablet for Developers; Only $1,300.00
  128. Soak Testers Have Jelly Bean on Their Motorola WiFi XOOM; Could be Very Close Now
  129. DroidX360: Android Gaming Device Crammed into a Playstation Vita Body
  130. Vizio Co-Star $99 Dollar Google TV & OnLive Gaming Box Preorders Now; Coming Aug 14th
  131. Lenovo IdeaPad S2110 Tablet with Snapdragon S4, 10-inch Display for $350 & $50 Dock
  132. Galaxy Note 10.1 UnBoxed in Korea Shows 1.4GHz Exynos Quad-core, 2GB RAM & More
  133. Apple Wants $2.5 Billion in Damages From Samsung, but Prefers a Ban Instead
  134. Hold onto Your Seats: Introducing the Impressive Mega Utility AndroPlatina
  135. Apple Wins Ban on Galaxy Tab 7.7 in EU; Galaxy Tab 10.1N Slides By; May Not Matter
  136. Samsung and Apple Top Execs Mediation Fails; It's Back to Court Now
  137. Leaked Change Log Confirms Jelly Bean Update for Motorola XOOM
  138. Motorola Droid RAZR HD Makes Way Through the FCC
  139. Patent Wars Legal Dispute Round-Up for Today: Appeals, New Lawsuits and More
  140. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet Shows Off S-Pen in Commercial
  141. HTC Gives Up Its Beats; Sells Back Half of Its Ownership for $150 Million
  142. Staples Exec Spills the Beans on 5-6 New Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets Coming
  143. Samsung Reports that They Have Already Sold Over 10 Million Galaxy S III Smartphones
  144. [Rumor] 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2 Supposedly Confirmed for Samsung Aug. 15 Press Event
  145. GPS Issues Cropping Up with Jelly Bean on Galaxy Nexus; Quick Easy Fix Available
  146. First Nexus 7 Commercial Attempts to Tug at Your Heart-strings
  147. Gameloft Showcased 10 Games that Have Been Optimized to Play on Nexus 7
  148. Samsung Says to Pencil in a Date; “newest Galaxy” coming Aug. 15 - Maybe the G-Note 2
  149. [Rumor] Samsung May be Ready to Launch Flexible AMOLED Displays this Quarter
  150. One Tough Android; Motorola Droid X Survives A Campfire and is Still Functional
  151. Nexus 7 Touchscreen Defect Surfaces
  152. [Rumor] Jelly Bean for the Nexus S Rolling Out in Pakistan Now; Download Available
  153. [Rumor] Samsung Nearly Ready to Upgrade the Galaxy S III to Jelly Bean & SGS2 Testing
  154. Asus Shares Why No Rear Camera on Nexus 7; It's What You Probably Guessed
  155. Nexus 7 16GB Version Sold Out on the Google Play Store Already
  156. HTC Confirms Jelly Bean for the AT&T, T-Mobile & Rogers One X, One XL and One S
  157. [Rumor] ICS Coming to LG Spectrum Soon; Confirmed by LG Employee
  158. Samsung Jasper SCH-i200: Budget Phone with LTE, ICS & Snapdragon S4 Coming to VZW
  159. OUYA to Get Human Element Prequel Exclusive
  160. Nexus 7 vs New iPad in Survival Test
  161. Sony NSZ-GT1 WiFi Blu-Ray Player and Google TV Box On Sale Now at Amazon for $298
  162. Verizon vs. AT&T Shared Data Plans Compared at a Glance
  163. [Rumor] HTC 'preparing' to Bring Jelly Bean to the One XL and the One S
  164. New Apple Patent is Proof Positive that the USPTO Does Not Know What They Are Doing
  165. Samsung Galaxy S III May be Experiencing Some Build Quality Issues with Casing
  166. The Nexus S May Get Jelly Bean Within the Next Day or Two, but Delayed in Australia
  167. VZW Revenue Up; Smartphones 50% Market Penetration; More Androids Sold than iPhones
  168. [WINNERS] Super 7 Nexus 7 Tablet Giveaway!
  169. Verizon 4G LTE Growing Again on July 19th; Coming to 33 New Markets & Expanding in 32
  170. UK Judge Slaps Apple; Rules Apple Must Post on Web that Samsung didn't Copy the iPad
  171. Huawei Prepares to Take On iPad Directly with Quad-core Beast for Under $500
  172. Sprint's HTC EVO 3D and EVO Design 4G Getting Ice Cream Sandwich Early August
  173. Early CyanogenMod 10 Builds Showing Up for Galaxy S III; Raises Jelly Bean Excitement
  174. ITC Import Ban on Motorola Products Due to Microsoft Patent Infringement Starts Today
  175. AT&T Announces its Shared Data Plans; Isn't Forcing it On Its Customers Though (Yet)
  176. Jelly Bean Improves Security for Android
  177. Nexus 7 Screen Washout and Ghosting a Potential Widespread Issue?
  178. Price Drops for Various Carrier Versions of the Samsung Galaxy S III at Amazon
  179. Another Great Video Showcasing Google Now Defeating Apple's Siri
  180. Motorola Atrix HD for AT&T Already Selling for $50 Bucks at Best Buy on Contract
  181. [Rumor] Asus Germany Confirms All Transformer Products Getting Jelly Bean Eventually
  182. Support for the OnLive Universal Controller Coming to Nexus 7
  183. Hilarious Nexus 7 Compilation Unboxing Video
  184. Verizon's LG Optimus Vu Pictured 'In the Wild'; Want a Phablet Frankenstein?
  185. [Rumor] New Update Being Tested for Motorola XOOM WiFI May be Jelly Bean
  186. Poll Claims Samsung will Sell 50 Million Phones in Q2 and Become 'smartphone hero'
  187. Sprint Rolls Out of 4G LTE to 15 More Cities After Initial Launch
  188. As the Nexus 7 Launches and Rumors of an iPad Mini Swirl, 10-inch Kindle Fire Rumored
  189. Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 On Sale Now! Online at Amazon and Office Depot
  190. Deal Alert: Acer Iconia Tab A200 10-inch Android tablet for $159.99; Today Only
  191. Crafty Sales Techniques From Verizon Fail to Impress the DOJ on Spectrum Deal
  192. Nexus 7 Already Huge Hit; Selling Out In Many Retail Stores Across the Country
  193. OUYA Working with NVIDIA & Tegra 3; Considering Early Developer Access to Console
  194. Galaxy S III Developer Edition for Verizon appears on Samsung's website
  195. Google Nexus 7 Review Compilation
  196. Top 4 Fastest Growing Retailers in America: Amazon, VZW, Apple & AT&T; Apple NOT 1st
  197. HTC Jumps Back Into the Android Tablet Arena with a Tegra 3 Quad-Core: the HTC Vertex
  198. Verizon Officially Rolls Out GameTanium Android Mobile Gaming Subscription Service
  199. Sprint Turns on Their 4G LTE Service in Kansas a Bit Early
  200. Super-Powered Mystery Verizon HTC Device Benchmarked; 1080p Display & More
  201. Olympic Games Samsung Galaxy S III Commercial
  202. [Rumor] Samsung Hints That More Colors May Be Coming for the Galaxy S III
  203. Gamestop Already Stocked On Nexus 7 Tablets; Waiting on Google Go-Ahead Order
  204. Reason Alive in US Court System; Posner Writes op-ed: '..Too Many Patents in America'
  205. [Rumor] Pre-Orders of Nexus 7 From Google Play Store Shipping Now; Coming July 13
  206. HTC Still Fighting Hard; Makes Gains in China and India
  207. Sprint Officially Announces the Samsung Epic 4G Touch (SGS2) Will Get ICS Today
  208. 4.0.4 ICS Fastboot Files Released for Droid RAZR
  209. The White Hot 'White' Version of the HTC EVO 4G LTE Officially Outed; Coming July 15
  210. Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III Officially Available Now at VZW Retail Stores & Online
  211. Both Sprint and AT&T Galaxy S III Variants Lose Unified Search Due to Apple's Dispute
  212. [Rumor] Amazon's Next Kindle Fire May Already be Delayed
  213. [Rumor] Amazon Actually Negotiating with Google to Carry the Nexus 7 Tablet
  214. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Available for Preorder in the U.S. Now for $499.99
  215. Hyundai Jumps into the Android Tablet Game in Rusia with Three New Tablets
  216. Garnet Red Samsung Galaxy S III for AT&T Launching on July 29th
  217. US Congress Mulls Broken Patent System; Rethinks Sales Bans on Infringing Patents
  218. Nexus Root Toolkit v1.5; Unlocking, Rooting, Relocking & Unrooting Simplified & More!
  219. [Rumor] Hidden Feature of the Google Nexus 7: Magnetic Smart Cover Sensor
  220. Do You Think Verizon Should Be Able to Edit the Internet Before You Access It?
  221. More Accurate Teardown Reveals Cost of Nexus 7 Tablet to be Just Under $152 Dollars
  222. New Update for HTC EVO 4G LTE Fixes Google Wallet and More
  223. AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note and SGS2 Skyrocket Finally Get Ice Cream Sandwich
  224. Georges St-Pierre Unboxes the Nexus 7 Tablet
  225. Kantar Research: Android Rules More than Half Smartphone Sales US, Europe & Australia
  226. Rovio Expands Its Lineup Beyond Angry Birds; Launching 'Amazing Alex' Tomorrow
  227. [RUMOR] VZW LG Optimus LTE2 Caught in the Wild; Specs and Launch Date Leaked: July 13
  228. Nexus 7 Already Gets an Update to 4.1.1; Includes Google Wallet & Performance Tweaks
  229. Motorola Tweets the Atrix HD Will Be Locked and Signed, But Plan a Way to Unlock
  230. OUYA Android Game Console Kickstarter Project Zooms Past $2.5 Million in 24 hours
  231. CyanogenMod Team Shares Update on CM10; May Not Be Long Now
  232. Toshiba's AT200 Finally Gets Its Taste of Ice Cream Sandwich
  233. [Rumor] Leaked Document Shows Sprint's SGS2 The Epic 4G Touch to Get ICS This Week
  234. OUYA on KickStarter; An Android Powered Gaming Console & More for $99 Bucks
  235. Google May Actually Be Selling the Nexus 7 at a Loss Instead of Breaking Even
  236. Samsung Starts ICS Update for Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus After Last Week's Galaxy Tab 7.7
  237. AT&T's Samsung Galaxy Note Receives Ice Cream Sandwich
  238. AT&T Expands Their 4G LTE; Now Cover 47 New Markets & 80 Million People
  239. Sprint's Samsung Galaxy S III Receives a Security Update Already
  240. Motorola Atrix HD Officially Announced on AT&T July 15th for $100 On Contract
  241. Lesser of Two Evils? While Apple Assaults Android in Court Microsoft Profits $500M
  242. New Sony High-End Phone the Xperia Acro S Passes Through FCC Testing
  243. More Rumors Emerge of a Super-Flagship LG Phone with New Quad-Core and More
  244. [Rumor] KindleFire 2 To Hit Retail End of Q3; Slimmer Design and Higher Pixel Density
  245. [Crazy Deal] LetsTalk Has the HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE for Only $40 Bucks
  246. Verizon Kills Off GrandFathered Unlimited Plan Early Leaving SGS3 Owner High & Dry
  247. Microsoft Confirms Rumors; Officially Announces that Windows 8 Will Launch in October
  248. Samsung Finally Releases the Kernel Source Code for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III
  249. VZW Blames Sammy for the Locked Bootloader then Contradict Themselves
  250. [RUMOR] Online Orders for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III Pushed Back to July 19th