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  1. Designer Moto X Now Available on AT&T in the United States
  2. CEO Steve Ballmer Announces Retirement From Microsoft
  3. Ubuntu Edge Missed Its Crowd Funding Goal; Will Have to Refund Pledges
  4. [RUMOR] Samsung Galaxy Note III Could be Coming in Pink as well as White and Black
  5. Update Rolling Out to New Nexus 7 with Fix for Multi-Touch Issues
  6. DynamicNotifications App is a Good Copy of Active Display Lock Screen on Moto X
  7. No More Xoom? Motorola Plans to 'phase out' The Xoom Brand Name
  8. LG Display Reveals World's First 2566 x 1440 HD AH-IPS LCD for Smartphones
  9. Ship Date for the Motorola Droid Mini on VZW Gets Moved Up to Tomorrow, Aug 22nd
  10. [RUMOR] LG G2 Coming to U.S. Shores in Mid-September
  11. Samsung Announces the 'Galaxy Golden' Dual-Screen Android Flip-Phone
  12. LG Exec Confirms G Pad, a New Phablet, Smartwatch & Flexible Displays
  13. AT&T Plans to Add 50 New LTE Markets Before Year's End Totaling 420
  14. [Double]Glass Delayed 2014 & Become a Shopping Ninja with Crystal Shopper Glass App
  15. [RUMOR] First Mass Produced Flexible Displays From LG and Samsung Coming in November
  16. Sprint Launches FM Radio Reception in Their HTC One and EVO 4G LTE Smartphones
  17. Motorola Confirms Custom Engraving Won't be Available for Moto X at First Launch
  18. New Nexus 5 Rumor Refutes LG as Maker; Back to Motorola Probability Now
  19. Bloomberg Confirms Sony's Xperia Honami May Be Coming September 4th
  20. The HTC One Mini Officially Revealed Coming to AT&T on August 23rd
  21. HTC One Developer Edition to Get Android 4.3 Update in September; Skipping 4.2.2
  22. [RUMOR] Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Shipping in September; Galaxy Gear in October
  23. [RUMOR] HTC One Max Shows Up in Pic with Fingerprint Scanner
  24. Beats by Dre Supposedly Looking to End HTC Partnership
  25. Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Officially Announced for Sprint, AT&T & US Cellular
  26. Rumored Pic of the LG Nexus 5 Appears Online Along With Some Details
  27. Benchmarks Confirm Earlier Rumor: Snapdragon 800 & 2,560 x 1,600 Display on Fire HD
  28. Verizon's HTC One Hitting Store Shelves August 22nd for $200 On Contract
  29. Moto Maker Moto X Orders Get Free NFC Unlock Clip Called 'Skip'; Normally Sells $20
  30. AT&T Moto Maker Moto X Customization Options Coming Aug 23rd
  31. Samsung Galaxy Gear Confirmed Coming in September
  32. New Nexus 5 Rumor: Glass Back, No Back Buttons & Snapdragon 800 After-all
  33. Sprint to Get Exclusive Red HTC One; Will Celebrate with a BOGO Deal
  34. Newest Nexus 5 Rumor Pegs LG Again; Android 5.0, Snapdragon 600 & 5.2" 1080p Display
  35. Motorola Facebook Contest Lets You Pick the Next Custom Color for the Moto X
  36. Sprint Releases a 'Purple Mirage' Samsung Galaxy S4
  37. Google Maps Easter Egg Lets You Take a Virtual Walk Into the TARDIS
  38. HTC Was the First to Plan a Customized Smartphone but Didn't Follow Through
  39. Which Countries Getting the Exynos or Snapdragon Galaxy Note 3 is Revealed
  40. [Deal Alert] Get a Sprint HTC One for Only $29.99 Through Dell
  41. Samsung is Being Sued by Brazil for $100 Million Dollars Due to Labor Violations
  42. New Tegra 4 Powered HP Slate 8 Pro Shows Up in Benchmarks
  43. Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Unveiling Confirmed for Samsung's IFA Unpacked Event
  44. [RUMOR] LG May Jump Back into the Android Tablet Market with 8.3-inch 'G Pad'
  45. Sony Plans to Upstage Samsung's 'Unpacked' by Holding IFA Press Event on The Same Day
  46. HTC's First Big Robert Downey Jr. Ad 'Leaks' Out Early
  47. Moto X Likely Arriving on Sprint and AT&T on August 23rd
  48. New Droids Shipping 8/27 with Verizon Branded Moto X following 2 days later
  49. New Nexus 7 Experiencing Touch-Screen Issues & More; Google is Investigating
  50. NVIDIA Tegra Tab 7 Shows Off Powerful Benchmark Numbers
  51. Asian Markets with New LTE-Advanced Leave U.S. & Europe Playing Catch-Up
  52. LG Shares Inspiring Hi-Tech Video for their New G2's Rear Functions
  53. Archos Adopts a Shotgun Effect; Plans to Spam a Dozen New Android Devices at IFA
  54. Verizon's Moto X Sign-Up Page is Now Live; Launch Will be in the 'coming weeks'
  55. HTC's New Robert Downey Jr. Commercials Kick Off with 'Subversive Thinking'
  56. [RUMOR] Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Could Have a 3,450 mAh Battery
  57. Twenty People Injured in South Korean LG Publicity Stunt Called 'World War G'
  58. Full Specs for the Next Amazon Kindle Fire (non-HD) Detailed
  59. [RUMOR]Moto X Only Costs Carriers $350 So Prices Could Drop Fast After Initial Launch
  60. [RUMOR] Amazon Working on Launching Their Own Android Gaming Console this Year
  61. Koushic Dutta Shows Off Streaming to Chromecast with Any Media App on CyanogenMod
  62. NVIDIA Jumps into Tablet Market With 'Tegra Tab'; Tegra 5 Version Coming Next Year
  63. Full LG G2 Launch Day Event Video
  64. [RUMOR] Next Nexus 10 Tablet will be Asus-Made and Not Samsung; Coming Holidays 2013
  65. Famous Tipster Claims Motorola Bringing the First Moto Nexus Device in Q4 This Year
  66. Moto Boss Slams SGS4 & HTC in Favor of Moto X; Makes Some Solid Arguments
  67. [RUMOR] Google Glass Rumored to Cost Just $300 at Final Launch; Plus Unboxing Video
  68. Samsung Galaxy S3 Confirmed to Go Straight to Android 4.3 & Skip 4.2.2
  69. Teaser Leaks for Sony Honami Launch in Berlin on September 4th
  70. Netflix Team of 'Top Men' Fix Sleep of Death Issue on Android 4.3 Devices with Update
  71. T-Mobile's Growth Returns; Adds 1.1 Million Net New Customers
  72. LG PR Rep Confirms No Current Plans for a Google Edition G2
  73. Baptiste-Queru Leaves AOSP over Nexus 7 Factory Images Issues with Qualcomm; Petition
  74. LG G2 Pics with Verizon Logo Prove Big Red Will be Getting the Device
  75. LG G2 Size Comparison with SGS4, HTC One & Sony Xperia Z
  76. Moto X Launching August 23rd on All Carriers; MotoMaker AT&T Exclusive Until November
  77. LG Officially Launches the G2; Full Specs & Features Detailed
  78. The LG G2 LiveStream Will Happen Within the Hour; Livestream Link Below
  79. Verizon Moto X Launching on August 23rd (Slightly After Droid Ultra Series)
  80. Android 5.0/Key Lime Pie Builds Spotted on Nexus 7 and Nexus 4
  81. Another Moto X Ad Touts Voice Commands, Active Display & Wrist Flick Camera
  82. [Deal Alert] Amazon Has the Verizon Galaxy S4 for $120 New Contract or $140 Renewed
  83. Google Releases Android 4.3 for the Play Edition Version of the Galaxy S4 & HTC One
  84. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Likely Coming to Verizon
  85. The First HTC Teaser with Robert Downey Jr. Arrives Promising 'Big Things Ahead'
  86. AT&T Emphatically Declares it Will Not Support Unlocked Bootloaders Now or Ever
  87. Samsung Applies for Smartwatch Trademark; May be Named the 'Samsung Galaxy Gear'
  88. Samsung Shares their IFA Press Event Date and Hints at Galaxy Note Device
  89. Humorous Taiwanese Galaxy S4 ad Pokes a Little Fun at Harry Potter
  90. Moto X Preorders Open at Best Buy for Verizon, Sprint & AT&T Models
  91. Leaked Pic of the HTC One Max Appears Online
  92. [Editorial] The Other Reason the Moto X is Assembled in the United States
  93. Moto X Will Have an Unlockable Bootloader on Most Carriers
  94. Sprint Launching Moto X $200 On Contract This Summer with Unlimited Lifetime Included
  95. [Theory/Speculation] Moto X Moto Maker Customizations Clarified
  96. [RUMOR] Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung SmartWatch launching in Early September
  97. Google's Firewall Too High for the Launch of the Moto X; Why Andy Rubin Stepped Down
  98. Sony Gaining Ground: Gets in the Black With Smartphone Business
  99. T-Mobile Won't Sell the Moto X in Their Stores Initially
  100. Motorola Working on a Cheaper Version of the Moto X
  101. NVIDIA Shield Gets the iFixit TearDown; Described as Clean but Complicated
  102. [VIDEO] MotoMaker
  103. New Variant of Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Shows up in Benchmarks with Snapdragon 800
  104. First Ads Appear for the Moto X
  105. Moto X Google Play Edition Coming Soon
  106. Motorola Spills the Beans on Moto X Landing Page
  107. Moto X Specs and Unboxing Video Revealed Ahead of Time
  108. Microsoft Pays Executive $14 Million To Not Work for the Competition for a Year
  109. Motorola Dishes New Details on X8 Architecture in the Moto X
  110. Blue HTC One Coming to Verizon
  111. More Moto X Surprises Leak Ahead of Today's Event: Motorola Connect & Migrate Tools
  112. Developer Shows Off Phone-to-Chromecast Video Streaming App
  113. [RUMOR] Full Specs Leak for Next Gen Kindle Fire HD Tablets; Snapdragon 800 & More
  114. Microsoft Office Finally Comes to Android
  115. HTC One on Verizon Launch Moved Back to August 15th
  116. Google & Netflix have 'Top Men' Working on Device Hang Issue with Android 4.3
  117. Moto X to Feature ClearView-like Perfect Pixels & More
  118. [Follow-Up] Samsung Denies Allegations of SGS4 Benchmark Manipulation
  119. Moto X Double-Header: Moto X to Include Nano-SIM & Moto X Magic Glass Pics Leak
  120. DROID - A History
  121. Samsung Tweaks Graphics in Exynos Galaxy S4 to Inflate Popular Benchmark Scores
  122. Android 4.3 Will Likely Speed Up I/O Performance of Previous Generation Nexus 7
  123. Vimeo & Redbox Instant Coming to Chromecast; HBO Go, Plex, Pandora & More Maybe Next
  124. Sprint Adds 41 New Markets to LTE Network
  125. HTC One Sales are Good, but Company Still Likely to Post 8% Net Loss in Q3
  126. Press Renders Leak for the HTC One Mini
  127. [RUMOR] Moto X May Actually Release When it Launches; Shipping July 29th
  128. Chromecast Gets the iFixit Teardown Too
  129. New Strategy Analytics Data Shows Android Dominates in 2013 Tablet Shipments Globally
  130. New 2013 Neuxs 7 iFixit Teardown Reveals Easy Repairability
  131. Motorola Teases Moto X Event Again; Final Official Press Shots of Moto X Leak
  132. Amazon Now Offering Sprint's Galaxy S4 for $100 On Contract
  133. Moto X Pics and New 'Moto Magic Glass' Zero-Gap Feature Leaked
  134. T-Mobile's Special Summer Price: Zero Down On Monthly Device Plans
  135. [RUMOR] New Moto X Watch Likely to Debut at Same Time as Moto X
  136. New Nexus 7 is 100% Faster than the Previous Generation Nexus 7
  137. More Features Leaked for Moto X: Dual LTE MIMO Antenna Confirmed
  138. Samsung Tops Apple as the Most Profitable Handset Vendor on the Planet
  139. Chromecast Double: Chromecast Features Coming to GoogleTV Later & Crazy Demand
  140. Galaxy Note 3 Specs Confirmed; 5.7" Display, Snapdragon 800, Android 4.3 & 3 GB RAM
  141. Full Google Nexus 7, Android 4.3, Chromecast & More Press Event on Video
  142. Nexus 7 Available Now at Some Best Buy & Walmart Locations (and Amazon Too)
  143. LG G2 Battery Specs, Pics, Launch Schedule and Verizon Launch Partnership Leaked
  144. Editorial: Is the Moto X Really Just a Droid Ultra in Sheep's Clothing?
  145. Venue, Time & Entertainment for Moto X Launch Shared: New York, Aug 1st, 8PM to 1AM
  146. Sony Announces Android 4.3 Updates Coming to Latest Xperia Phones & Tablets
  147. Google Plays Up the Inspirational in New Nexus 7 Video
  148. Samsung & Google Working on Next-Gen Nexus 10; Could be First Key Lime Pie Device
  149. NVIDIA Videos Show Off Kepler Architecture for Mobile Coming Later in Tegra 5
  150. Extra Stuff From Google Today: Google Play Games, Google Play Textbooks & More
  151. Android 4.3 Demonstrated on Nexus 7 Today With Several New Features Detailed
  152. New Generation Nexus 7 and Android 4.3 Debuts from Google
  153. Nexus 7 Next-Gen Detailed & Benchmarked; 2GB RAM, Snapdragon S4 Pro, & 1920x1200
  154. Moto X Extra Features Detailed Including Phone Tracking, Active Notifications & More
  155. Next-Gen Samsung Exynos 5 Octa Debuts and Screams Through Benchmarks
  156. Moto X to Ship 'somewhat simultaneously' with the Droid Series
  157. New Features of Android 4.3 Detailed on Video Including Massive Battery Life Boost
  158. Video of the Moto X From March Resurfaces; Previous Leakers in Vietnam Had it Right
  159. VZW's All New Droid Line-up Now Open For Pre-Order
  160. Verizon Officially Launches New Motorola Droid Mini, Droid Ultra & Droid Maxx
  161. LG Hosts New Teaser Video for G2; Takes Marketing Queues from Samsung
  162. Moto X Camera UI Pics Leaked; Gesture Functions and Settings Wheel on Display
  163. [Rumor] Moto X Will Be Priced at $300 for the 16GB & $350 for the 32GB (Off Contract)
  164. New Ubuntu Edge Can Dual-Boot to Android and Could Offer Crazy Specs
  165. NVIDIA Shield Problems Fixed; Now Shipping July 31st
  166. Verizon Wireless Going North? VZW Considering Opening Up Shop in Canada
  167. Huge Moto X Leak Reveals Pics, Benchmarks & Full Specs
  168. Sprint to Get a Purple Samsung Galaxy S4 While Verizon Gets a Brown One
  169. Best Buy Ad Shows New Nexus 7 With 1920x1200 Display, $229.99 Price & July 30 Date
  170. Multiple Press Shots of New Nexus 7 Leak; Specs Include SIM Slot, Rear Camera & More
  171. Official Press Pic of the Moto X Leaks
  172. Moto X Will Be Unveiled August 1
  173. Sony Xperia Z Ultra Will Allow you to Write on it With Keys, Pens, Coins & More
  174. Staples Leak Indicates New Nexus 7 Launching August 31st with Android 4.3
  175. Softbank's CEO Hints at More Aggressive Price Cuts at Sprint
  176. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Will Skip Android 4.2.2 and Go Straight to 4.3
  177. Motorola Posts a Pic of Workers Assembling the Moto X in their U.S. Factory
  178. Android 4.3 on the Nexus 4 Improves Benchmarks Just a Little Bit
  179. Launch Date for the Moto X on US Cellular Leaked as August 26th
  180. Schematics Leak for Galaxy Note 3; New Features: Xenon Flash & Dedicated Cam Button
  181. Phillips Xenium W8510 Android Phone Promises Ridiculous 35 Day Standby & More
  182. Android 4.3 Leaks for the Nexus 4
  183. Aptina Clarity Plus Camera Tech Explained; Probably used in Moto X Clear Pixel Camera
  184. LG Officially Confirms G2; Dropping the Optimus Name in Favor of the 'G' Series
  185. HTC One Mini Officially Announced with Video Included
  186. Verizon Officially Announces Their Edge Upgrade Program With Few Details
  187. Pics & Video Leak of the Next Generation Nexus 7
  188. Samsung May Soon Release Snapdragon 800 Equipped GT-I9506 Galaxy S4 Globally
  189. Leaked Pics of a Red Version of the Motorola Droid Ultra Appear Online
  190. 'Breakfast with Sundar Pichai' Event On July 24th Could Reveal Android 4.3 & Nexus 7
  191. LG G2 Will Have a 5.2-inch Display
  192. HTC One Mini Gets Certified in China and More images Leak
  193. Android Developer Revenue Closing in on iOS
  194. Kindle Fire HD 2 Arriving in August with Metal Chassis
  195. Cool PC App 'CPU-Z' Comes to Android for Free
  196. Verizon Likely Following T-Mobile's Uncarrier Plans Too
  197. AT&T Introduces 'Next' Plan; Users can Upgrade Their Devices Once Per Year & More
  198. [Rumor] Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 May Skip Android 4.2.2; Straight to 4.3
  199. Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 DUOS Pics Leak
  200. Google Play Store Redesign Hints at Google Glass Support Coming
  201. Samsung & Apple Together Again? Samsung May Provide Apple with Next-Gen 14nm Chips
  202. HTC One Max and Mini Coming by September
  203. Microsoft Sues U.S. Customs for Failing to Enforce Google/Motorola Sales Ban
  204. New York and San Francisco Residents Get to Play with NVIDIA Shield Ahead of Launch
  205. Potentially Fast Shutter Speeds and More Teased for Moto X Phone's Camera on Twitter
  206. HTC One Getting Android 4.2.2 Rollout in the UK Right Today
  207. [FollowUp] Moto X Video Shows Larger Display & Higher Benchmark Scores Than Expected
  208. [VIDEO] Moto X on Rogers
  209. Moto X Forums are Live!!
  210. Juicy New Leaked Pic and Customization Details of the Moto X
  211. Sprint Officially Announces New Carrier Plans and Unlimited Guarantee
  212. [Deal Alert] Nexus 7 32GB at Staples for Just $170 For Limited Time (Ends July 14th)
  213. [Rumor] New Nexus 7 Launching in Taiwan End of July; Specs & Pricing Too
  214. Another 'In The Wild' Glimpse of the Moto X; This Time on Video
  215. Pseudo 'In the Wild' Pic of Moto X (Being Used by Google's Eric Schmidt)
  216. Verizon Release Dates for HTC One and Moto X Leaked
  217. [Rumor] Leaked Pic of Fully Assembled Moto X Shows Up
  218. T-Mobile's Advertising Gets Serious With Hilarious New 'Jump!' Commercials
  219. Rovio Stars Introduces Addictive New Puzzle Solving Adventure Game: 'Tiny Thief'
  220. [Rumor] Sample Picture Taken With Moto X Phone
  221. Motorola is Preparing Monster $500 Million Advertising Campaign in U.S. and Europe
  222. Leaked Sprint Promo Doc Suggests They Might Offer New Plans to Compete with T-Mo
  223. Motorola Droid Ultra Test Pics & Specs Leak
  224. T-Mobile Announces 'Boldest Moves': Jump, LTE, & More
  225. More Leaked Marketing Materials Show August 8th Launch Date for Motorola Droid Ultra
  226. One Big Happy Droid Family
  227. LG G2 Shows Off in Leaked Pics and Video
  228. Leaked Marketing Docs for Droid MAXX Indicate 48 Hour Battery Life
  229. [Rumor] Nexus 5 Based On LG G2; Coming in October with Android 5.0/Key Lime Pie
  230. Apple and Amazon End 'Appstore' Lawsuit
  231. Dual Sims and Clear Pixel Camera Tech on the Moto X?
  232. Details Emerge on Next-Gen Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets
  233. Samsung Employee Says the Galaxy S4 has Caused a Crisis at the Company
  234. [Rumor] Motorola Might Launch Moto X at Affordable Nexus $300 Price Point or Less
  235. Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 Gets a New Update with 'apps-to-SD support'
  236. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Full HD Display & More Confirmed On Samsung Website
  237. Google Knocks Out Quick Fix for the Recent 99% Android Security Vulnerability
  238. Motorola Droid Ultra Front & Back Pics Leak (and a few specs)
  239. Sprint-Softbank-Clearwire Merger Receives FCC Approval
  240. Another security warning for Android powered devices
  241. Cool Custom Android Powered Touch-Screen Gauge Pod on Video for Ford Focus ST
  242. Samsung Galaxy S4 Bests iPhone 5, HTC One and Many Others in Battery Life Tests
  243. Glamour Red HTC One Shows Off in German Video
  244. LG Shares August 7th G2 Launch Event with Video Teaser
  245. HTC One 'Google Edition' Passes Bluetooth SIG with Android 4.3 & Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  246. Nexus 7 Price Cut at Staples Could Hint at Next-Gen Version Coming Soon
  247. [Rumor] Moto X May Offer 'Pure Android,' Fast Upgrades & Clear Pixel Camera
  248. Another Motorola Pic; Alleged Motorola Droid MAXX
  249. Motorola Droid Ultra XT1080 Appears in Leaked Pic
  250. White Nexus 4 Smartphones Now Completely Sold Out on Google Play Store