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  1. [Rumor] Android 5.0/Key Lime Pie Samsung Upgrade List Shows Good News & Bad News
  2. Near Future Super-Material, 'Graphene' Promises Better Batteries & More
  3. [Rumor] New X Phone Rumor Suggests It is Not a Single Device, but a New Series
  4. Nexus 5 Rumors Step Forward: Nikon Camera Tech & Much More
  5. HTC Confirms in Tweet that the HTC One Will NOT Come to Verizon [Correction]
  6. Samsung Shares Official 4 Minute Galaxy S 4 Preview Video
  7. Official Launch of the Samsung Galaxy S IV Reveals Impressive Specs
  8. Google Reader is Shutting Down in July 2013 but Petition to Keep it Exists
  9. Google Buys Neural Network Startup; Maybe Google's Version of Skynet Will be Friendly
  10. Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Have Built-In SwiftKey Functionality
  11. Andy Rubin Shares His Thoughts in Farewell Letter to Open Handset Alliance
  12. LG Takes it Over the Top and Pokes Fun of Samsung with Times Square Billboard
  13. Hi-Res Pics and Video Leak of Galaxy S4 Floating Touch, Smart Pause, Specs & More
  14. [Rumor] HTC One Will Come to Verizon a Month or Two Later Than Regular Launch
  15. Breaking: Google Removes Ad Blocking Apps from Google Play Store; Rooted Users Frown
  16. Andy Rubin Steps Down but Stays at Google; Implies New Projects
  17. HTC Announces a Developer Edition of the HTC One with Unlocked Bootloader & SIM Slot
  18. Samsung Releases Video of Galaxy S4 FlashMob from Yesterday
  19. FCC Approves T-Mobile and MetroPCS Merger
  20. Samsung Shares 6 Reasons to get the Galaxy Note 8.0 Instead of the iPad Mini
  21. Roller Coaster? New Intel Confirms US Galaxy S4 will NOT have Exynos 5 or Eye-Scroll
  22. Mystery Mid-Range Motorola Phone Suggests Design Aesthetic Paradigm Shift
  23. Google I/O Opens Registration; Better Hurry Before All the Slots are Gone
  24. HTC One Wows in Sound Quality and Impresses in Battery Life Tests
  25. War of the Rumors: New Rumor Debunks Yesterday's Motorola 'NXT' X Phone Rumor
  26. Google Glass Apps Shown Off at SXSW
  27. [Rumor] Samsung Intends to Beat Apple in 'Home Turf' of US with Exynos 5 Octa SGS4
  28. Samsung Triple Play: Galaxy S4 Official Pic, Unofficial Video, & Artistic Dance Mob
  29. Amazon's Android Smartphone Delayed for Further Testing but Should Come Later in 2013
  30. 'Shadowrun Returns' for Tablets & PCs; True Tactical Turn-Based Combat RPG
  31. Marvel's Special Offer for Limited Time; Download 700 Comics Free on iOS and Android
  32. 'Unicorn Apocalypse' Turns Out to be a Real Game in the Google Play Store
  33. Part 2 of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Unpacked Cute Kid Video Teases Us Before Thursday
  34. [Rumor] Motorola X Phone's real name is Motorola NXT; Specs and Blurry Pic
  35. [Rumor] Final Design of the Samsung Galaxy S IV (I9502) Revealed in Several Pics
  36. 'Bladeslinger' Game Mixes Steam-Punk and Demon Battles in an Old West Setting
  37. HTC One Will Supposedly Ship in Limited Quantities due to UltraPixel Camera Tech
  38. Microsoft Continues 'Scroogled' Campaign; Lobbying to Keep Google Apps Out of Schools
  39. [Rumor] Galaxy S4 Coming With Floating Touch & More Efficient AMOLED Display Design
  40. Facebook Phone Rumors are Back; New Leak Shares 'HTC Myst' Full Specs
  41. Duke University Dev Working on Google Glass App to Distinguish Friends by Clothing
  42. Motorola Plans to Cut Another 10% of Workforce; Around 1,200 Layoffs
  43. Google Posts More Details and Some Easter Eggs for Google I/O
  44. [Rumor] Galaxy S IV Cases Spotted at CeBIT; Compared to SGS3 Cases on Video
  45. Acclaimed iOS Game 'God of Blades' Comes to Android
  46. Official Unveiling for Asus Transformer AiO Hybrid Android/Windows 8 Tablet/PC
  47. The Reason for Samsung's Dominance: $11 Billion on Marketing & $10.6 Billion on R&D
  48. HTC Gasping for Air; New Financial Results Reveal Worst Numbers in Three Years
  49. Google Play Store Celebrates 1 Year Birthday with a Huge Week Long Sale
  50. [Rumor] New Samsung Galaxy Note III Coming Later This Year With 5.9-Inch Display
  51. Studies: Smartphones to Outsell Feature Phones & 1 Billion Android Devices in 2013
  52. Leaked Screenshots Show US Galaxy S4 Eye-tracking Software & Confirm Quad-core CPU
  53. [Follow-Up] Senator Amy Klobuchar Intoduces Bill to Legalize Unlocking Cell Phones
  54. Sprint Activates 4G LTE in 9 New Areas
  55. Samsung's Fictional Game 'Unicorn Apocalypse' Goes Live in New Galaxy Commercial
  56. [Rumor] Samsung Galaxy S IV Render and Specs Supposedly Leak; Likely Bogus
  57. Verizon May Push for LTE-Only Phones (no CDMA) in 2014 to Lower Subsidies
  58. Verizon Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2.2 Update Leaks; Official Version Maybe Coming Soon
  59. New Samsung Galaxy S IV Will Come With Eye Tracking Software & More
  60. The White House Responds to Cell Phone Unlocking Petition with Complete Agreement!
  61. Sony Double: New Flagship Coming Later in Year; Sony Wants #3 Spot, Plans to go Cheap
  62. Samsung Galaxy S4 AnTuTu Benchmarks Leak with Octa-Core Exynos 5410
  63. U.S. FCC Plans to Probe the Cell Phone Unlocking Ban
  64. Samsung Teases the Galaxy S4 Launch with Cute Kid Commercial
  65. Judge Koh Reduces Apple's Damages Award vs. Samsung by $450 Million
  66. OUYA Will Start Shipping to Kickstarter Backers March 28th
  67. Sony's Xperia Z Heading to Several More European Countries Today
  68. [Rumor] X Phone May Be Late; CFO states next device won’t 'wow by Goole's standards'
  69. The UK Judge that Forced Apple to Apologize Now Joins Samsung's Legal Team
  70. Google Working with the New Linux 3.8 Kernel; Maybe Android 5.0/Key Lime Pie?
  71. [Rumor] Samsung GT-I9500 (aka the international SGS4) Rocks Browser Benchmarks
  72. Samsung Feeds the Hype-Monster; Sends Out Invite for Galaxy S4 Times Square Launch
  73. Sprint's LG Optimus G Starts Getting Its Jelly Bean Rollout
  74. Qualcomm Shows Off Their Snapdragon 800 in Mini-Theater Demo at MWC
  75. FTC-led Mobile Privacy Crackdown Could Spell Big Trouble for Google, Apple & Others
  76. Two NVIDIA Teaser Videos for Your Pleasure: Tegra 4, GRID Cloud Gaming & More
  77. New Google Settings Icon Appears in Your App Drawer; Nothing to Be Alarmed About
  78. [Rumor] Galaxy S4 Will Come in Two Variants; US = Snapdragon 600 & Europe = Exynos 5
  79. HTC Claims The One Will be Their Only One (Flagship) This Year
  80. Google's Andy Rubin Shoots Down Rumors of Google Retail Stores
  81. The Miracles of Modern Medicine; Check your Urine on Your Smartphone with UCheck App
  82. Several New Semiconductor Companies Go 'Arm in Arm' with ARM's big.LITTLE Tech
  83. Two Impressive Sony Xperia Z Videos; One Waxes Nostalgic & One Shows Off HDR Filming
  84. [Updated] ZTE Officially Unveiled 5.7" Grand Memo; with Snapdragon 600
  85. Android Sales Jump Ahead of iPhone in US with Help From Surprising Source: Sprint
  86. [Pseudo Follow Up] Samsung's Rapid Rise Displayed in Small Infographic
  87. Google Concerned About Samsung's Android Dominance; Moto X Phone May Stem That Tide
  88. Newest Samsung Commercial Gets Tim Burton to Direct 'Unicorn Apocalypse'
  89. Huawei's Ascend P2: The "Worlds Fastest Smartphone"
  90. Sony's Xperia Z Tablet Gets Dunked in MWC Demo Video, Plus Bonus Official Sony Video
  91. Hands-On Video of the LG Optimus G Pro
  92. LG Floods MWC 2013 with 8 New Devices
  93. HP Makes the HP Slate 7 Android Tablet Official at MWC; Coming for $169.99
  94. Tegra 4 Shows Up in AnTuTu, and Quadrant v2 Benchmarks; Annihilates the Competition!
  95. Samsung Makes the March 14th Launch Date of the Galaxy S4 Official
  96. Google I/O Registration Starts March 13; Full Event May 15-17
  97. LG Exec Confirms Optimus G2 Announcement at IFA in September of 2013
  98. Sony Xperia Z Availability Starts Spreading Out Globally; "Coming Soon" for the US
  99. Samsung Double Rumor; Leaked GT-I9500 Pics & Analyst Reconfirms Snapdragon Chip
  100. [Rumor] Pictures of Galaxy S IV Case Leak with a More Square S2-like Design
  101. CloudOn Announces Version 4.0; Officially Brings Microsoft Office to Android
  102. Mark Zuckerberg is a Huge Fan of Google Glass; Gets it Demoed by Sergey Brin
  103. Google Makes the Chromebook Pixel Official; Will Retail for $1300
  104. Qualcomm Officially Unveils their Lower-End and Mid-Range 200 and 400 Chips
  105. LG Preps Another Flagship for Later in 2013; Optimus G2 to Feature 8-Core 'Odin' Chip
  106. Just 10 Days After the Private Beta, Snapchat Brings Video Officially to Android
  107. ZTE Partnering with NVIDIA to Bring First Tegra 4 Smartphones by End of Q2 2013
  108. US Petition to Make Unlocking Cell Phones Legal Hits its 100k Goal!
  109. Google Finally Posts Updated Full Changelog for Android 4.2/Jelly Bean
  110. Swiftkey Flow Comes out of Beta; Temporary Promo Price of $1.99 and/or Free Upgrade
  111. LG Optimus F7 & F5 Pics Leaked Ahead of MWC Launch
  112. Google Shows Off Google Glass UI in New Video; New Pseudo-Contest Detailed Too
  113. [Rumor] More Rumors Confirm the SGS4 Will Come with Snapdragon Instead of Exynos
  114. Exciting Follow-Up News for LG Optimus G Pro: US Launch in Q2 & Removable Battery
  115. [Rumor] Sony's Xperia Z to Get Android 4.2.2 Shortly After Release
  116. Wall Street Journal Confirms Earlier Rumors of Google Stores Coming Soon
  117. HTC Offering $100 Trade-in Credit if You Buy the New HTC One for Limited Time
  118. NVIDIA Also Shares new Chimera HDR Camera Tech Coming with Tegra 4
  119. HTC Officially Launches their New Flagship the HTC One
  120. NVIDIA Announces 'Phoenix' Reference Smartphone Board with LTE Tegra 4i Chip
  121. Motorola Phones Google Play Store Including $50 Play Store Credit
  122. [Rumor] World's First Bezel-Free Smartphone Maybe Coming This Year from China
  123. New Leaked Galaxy S4 Intel Supposedly Both Confirms & Refutes Previous Rumors
  124. Google VP Comments on Future Nexus Cameras; 'insanely great, just you wait and see'
  125. LG Finally Makes the Optimus G Pro Official; 5.5-Inch Device to Compete with GNotes
  126. Sony Gets Abstract and Tickles the Imagination with New Chinese Xperia Z Videos
  127. Cool New Kickstarter Project Rhino Shield Aims to Protect Our Displays from Impact
  128. Sony May Have a Completely New Flagship Smartphone Later This Year; Model C6802
  129. [Rumor] Leaked Pics Reveal UI for Samsung's Smartwatch; Codenamed Samsung Altius
  130. Sprint Agrees to FM Radio Chip Deal for Future Smartphones with Emmis Communications
  131. Google Launches Store Locator Webpage to Help You find a Nexus 4
  132. Gamestick Up for Pre-order Now; Lock-in Yours for $79
  133. Archos Unveils Platinum Line of Tablets with 11.6-Inch Flagship; May Make Smartphone
  134. [Rumor] VZW's Galaxy S4 Benchmarked; Samsung SCH-I545 & 1.9GHz Snapdragon Quad-core
  135. [Rumor] Verizon Skipping the HTC (M7) One; Coming to AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile Mar 22nd
  136. Sprint's Samsung Galaxy S III Receiving OTA Update
  137. Insanity in India; Samsung Launches a Fake Galaxy S3 Feature-Phone
  138. Android 4.2.2 Now Rolling to Nexus 4; Removes the Unofficial LTE Support
  139. Adblock Plus Useless in Android 4.2.2
  140. Pop-Up Button Tech Using Microfluidics Might be Touchscreen Keyboard of the Future
  141. [Deal Alert] Amazon Chops Price on Sprint Galaxy Note II to $100 on New Contract
  142. Sony Shares Torture Videos for the Xperia Z & Releases Kernel Source For it Too
  143. Teaser Video for the HTC One (M7) Only Offers 'Teasing' Images
  144. LG Optimus G Pro Officially Launches with 5.5-inch 1080p 2.5D Curved Glass Display
  145. [Rumor] Motorola Google X Phone to be a 'Game Changer'; Launching May & Coming July
  146. LG Officially Unveils the Optimus L7 II, L5 II and L3 II
  147. [Rumors] Samsung's Project J Could be Three Devices: SGS4, Mini S4 & Smartwatch
  148. Peace Talks Between Samsung & LG Proceeding Well; Samsung Drops Injunction Against LG
  149. [Rumor] Korean Version of Galaxy S4 Shows Up Online with Benchmarks on Quad-Core CPU
  150. Google Accidentally (or craftily) Reveals Google Now Widget on Support Page
  151. GSM Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 Get Android 4.2.2 Update
  152. Four Different Android Devices Now Beat the iPhone 5 in US & UK Customer Satisfaction
  153. Tim Cook Supposedly Against the Legal War vs. Samsung; Overruled by Steve Jobs
  154. Sony Xperia Z vs. HTC Butterfly; Xperia Wins Benchmarks & Others; Loses & Ties Also
  155. Lockscreen Notifications Unofficially Available on Jelly Bean
  156. LTE-Advanced Has Faster Data; Will Likely Need Bigger Batteries & Phones Too
  157. [Rumors] HTC M7 Name Confirmed to be the HTC One; New HTC One Pic Hits Twitter
  158. New Video Ad for Google's Nexus 4 Shows Off Everyday Usefulness
  159. [Rumor] LG Optimus G Pro May Launch Early; Late February Instead of March
  160. New Localytics Study Shows Samsung's Dominance is Growing
  161. LG Optimus 4X HD, L9 and L7 Getting Android Jelly Bean Updates Soon
  162. New Chip Tech Could Eventually Give Your Smartphone See-Through Vision
  163. Dire Times for HTC; Engineer Staff Being Forced to Work Without Overtime
  164. New Commercial for the Galaxy Note 2 Shows Off Useful Features
  165. LG Sends Out Official Press Invites for MWC; Hint at 4 New Devices
  166. OUYA Plans to Release a New Console Every Year
  167. LG Teaser Video Amps Up the Hype-Machine for MWC Event
  168. Asus Teaser Hints at New Device Unveiling at MWC Press Conference; Maybe Fonepad
  169. [Rumor] New HTC Leak Suggests March 8th Release Date in Europe Plus Specs
  170. More LG Optimus G Pro Pics & Specs Leak; Full HD, 3140 mAh battery & microSD
  171. Canadian Motorola Droid RAZR HD LTE Getting Jelly Bean Rollout Now
  172. [Rumor] Leaked Video Shows New 'Chromebook Pixel' Touch-screen 2560 x 1700 Device
  173. [Deal Alert] Amazon Selling Sprint's SGS3 for Just a Penny & GNote2 for Only $140
  174. [Deal Alert] LetsTalk Now Offering the Google Nexus 4 for $76.50 On Contract
  175. LG Mash-Up: Wireless Charging & New Product Teaser
  176. [Rumor] Google Plans to Skip MWC This Year
  177. [Rumor] Samsung Galaxy S IV to be Revealed on March 15th
  178. Image of Android 4.2.2 for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Leaks; Maybe Coming Mid-February
  179. [RUMOR] New Samsung Galaxy S IV Specs and Pic Revealed
  180. NVIDIA's Project Shield Demo Video Shows Off 'Badass' Level in Borderlands 2
  181. OUYA Announces Retail Availability in June: Amazon, Best Buy, Target & Gamestop $100
  182. Activist Puts Wireless Carriers On Notice to Provide Regular Android Security Updates
  183. HTC Posts Infographic that Hints at New Camera Tech
  184. [Deal Alert] Amazon Has Deal of the Day on SanDisk Storage Options; Up to 60% Off
  185. [RUMOR] HTC's M7 May Come with Ultrapixel Camera (4.3MP But with Triple Layers)
  186. Samsung and LG Plan to Make Peace and Settle OLED Patent Battles Out of Court
  187. Carbon for Twitter Finally Hits the Google Play Store
  188. Asus Padfone 2 Reportedly Sold Nearly 1 Million Units
  189. New Leak Suggests HTC Event to Include Two More Devices Along With the M7
  190. Court Rejects Apple's Request for a Sales Ban on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus... Again
  191. Some Google Glass Specs Detailed in FCC Filing
  192. VZW & HTC Exemplify Sub-Par Software Support with ICS Update for HTC Thunderbolt
  193. More Rumors About Moto X Phone: Kevlar Body, Huge Battery & Sony Exmor RS Camera
  194. New Chrome Android Statue Shows Up at Google HQ
  195. More Details Shared on Our Future Wireless Internet: LTE-Advanced
  196. Luxury Android Phone Vertu Ti RM-828V Arrives to Take Your Money and Test Your Sanity
  197. Samsung's Funny New Teaser Ad for Their 'Big Game' Ad; With Seth Rogen & Paul Rudd
  198. [RUMOR] Leaked New Zealand Contest Suggests April Launch for Samsung Galaxy S IV
  199. Motorola Indirectly Confirms X Phone; Posts X Phone Product Manager Job on LinkedIn
  200. [Follow-Up] HTC Issues Statement Regarding Recent Action Against Developer Community
  201. US DOJ Asks FCC to Defer Sprint/Softbank Merger While it Investigates
  202. [RUMOR] Samsung May Skip Press Conference at MWC Completely
  203. Nexus 4 Double-Take: New Orders Already Shipping; Plus New Pics of the White Nexus 4
  204. RIM Officially Launches BlackBerry 10; Too Little Too Late or Good Competition?
  205. Judge Koh Rules: Won't Triple Apple Damages; Won't Give New Trial to Samsung Either
  206. [RUMOR] White Nexus 4 Pic Pops Up; But Is it Real?
  207. Android & Manga Team-Up for 'Sweet Android High-School' Japanese Comic
  208. [RUMOR] Samsung Could be Unveiling as Many as 8 Android Devices in Q1 of 2013
  209. HTC Holding Two Press Events at Same Time in London & New York Feb 19th; M7 Maybe?
  210. Google Patent Suggests New Nexus or Motorola Phone with Multiple LED Flashes
  211. Samsung Accused of a Fatal Gas Leak Coverup at One of Their Factories
  212. Sprint Update: 4G LTE Service Comes to Boston, Austin & More
  213. Google Glass Developer Hackathon Attendees Being Held to Strict NDA
  214. UAProf Shows Off New 1080P Samsung Model SGH-i337; Could It Be the AT&T SGS4?
  215. Is HTC Becoming Delusional? HTC Exec Claims Their Phones Have Samsung "Worried"
  216. HTC's Bad PR Move; Forces HTCRUU.com Owner to Shut Down & Hand Over ROMs & Domain
  217. Google Takes a Stand for Gmail Users; Refuses Police Access Without a Warrant
  218. Samsung's Q4 Numbers: Ships More Smartphones Than Apple & Nokia Combined
  219. Press Shots of the Huawei Ascend P2 Leaked
  220. Samsung Shares Official Render of their new Exynos 5 Octa Chip
  221. Just FYI: Saturday Jan 26th It Will Be Illegal in the US to Unlock Your Phone
  222. Google Applies for Patent on 'Bone Conduction'; Likely for Google Glass Audio
  223. Samsung Taking 'Smart Stay' Eye Tracking to New Level with Eye Scroll & Eye Pause
  224. LG Optimus G Pro to Release in South Korea in March with Japan in April
  225. [RUMOR] Google Secretly Working on New Wireless Network with Clearwire at Google HQ
  226. Future Android Competitor? The First 'Firefox' Smartphone
  227. Rumor-Mill Pegs the HTC M7 Headed for Verizon, AT&T & Sprint
  228. [RUMOR] Google's CEO May Have Hinted at 'Unbreakable' X Phone with Strong Battery
  229. Galaxy S4 Rumor Pile-Up: Better-than Retina Display, New Pic & Coming in March
  230. Impressive New Game for Android, Called 'Oil Rush' Uses the Unigine 3D engine
  231. LG Optimus G Pro Officially Unveiled for Japan
  232. AT&T Moves to Buy Alltell for $780 Million
  233. [RUMOR] Silliness Abounds with New Moto X Phone Rumors
  234. [RUMOR] New Nexus 10 Tablet Coming to MWC with Improved CPU and GPU
  235. New Marketing Data Suggests LG Beat Out Apple for 2nd Place in US Phone Market
  236. Supposedly Leaked Factory Photo Reveals Monster 6.44-inch Sony Phablet
  237. [RUMOR] LG Supposedly Tips LG Optimus G Pro Handset Will Be 5.5-inch Device
  238. [RUMOR] Leaked Pics Appear for the HTC M7 & Sense 5.0
  239. [Exclusive Rumor] Moto's X Phone: Multi-Carrier, Key Lime Pie, Google I/O & More
  240. More Google News: Google Happy Acer and Asus Undercutting Nexus 7; Nexus Q Dropped
  241. [RUMOR] Samsung Working on Monster 5.8-inch 'Galaxy Foneblet'
  242. Google: Ranked Best Employer; CEO Says to Apple 'How's thermonuclear war working?'
  243. Sony Xperia Z Gets Sand-rubbed, Beaten & Submerged in a Bathtub
  244. LG Optimus G Pro Pics & Specs Leak
  245. Samsung Release Android Jelly Bean Upgrades for Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 2
  246. Sprint News: Soon Covering 28 New Cities in LTE & Will Offer $400 Family Switcher
  247. Google's Project Glass May Use a Laser-Projected Keyboard as a Means of Control
  248. Sony Xperia Z Planned to Get Bumped to Android 4.2 'Shortly After Launch'
  249. [RUMOR] Samsung Galaxy S IV Will Have Wireless Charging; Dock Sold Separately
  250. Nexus 7 Surpasses iPad Sales in Japan