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  1. Video Succinctly Answers Why Carriers Use Data Caps - Hint: Numbered Paper
  2. Google Glass Hackathon Later This Month in New York; Devs Will Receive Units On Site
  3. Cool Promo Video for the Sony Xperia Z Highlights Design and Connectivity
  4. [RUMORS] LG Nexus 5 & Nexus 7.7 with Tegra 4 & Higher Res Displays at Google I/O
  5. Oppo Find 5 Gets Jan. 29 Launch Date in China; Coming to US and Europe Soon After
  6. Sony's Xperia Z Takes Away a Ton of Awards From CES; Including 'Star of CES'
  7. Preliminary Tegra 4 Benchmarks Leak; Lag Behind the iPad's A6X SoC
  8. 'Professionally Microwaved' Samsung Galaxy S III Being Sold as Art on eBay for $2,012
  9. Sammy's Next-Gen Exynos 5 Octa Chip May Be Hampered by Current-Gen PowerVR graphics
  10. SEC Investigating for Insider Trading Due To Apple Supply Chain Stock News
  11. Samsung Sells 100 Million Galaxy S Devices Globally
  12. [RUMOR] Leaked Screenshot Could be First Look at HTC M7
  13. Samsung Demos Curved Displays as Well as the Likely Specs for Galaxy S IV Screen
  14. Benchmark Results of Intel-Powered Lenovo K900 Are Phenomenal
  15. Samsung Not Only Company Working on Octa-Core Chip; Huawei Cortex-A15 In Works Too
  16. Zmart Remote Control Software and Dongle Converts Smartphones
  17. T-Mobile Plans Massive Network Improvements; T-Mo CEO Calls AT&T's Network Crap
  18. Liquipel Improves Their Process Further & Creates 'Liquipod' Portable Machine
  19. Archos Unveils Four High-End 'Titanium' Tablets
  20. Jelly Bean Awarded "Technology of the Year"
  21. Pantech 'Perception' a Decent Mid-Range Smartphone for Verizon is Leaked
  22. Samsung Debuts the Galaxy S II Plus; 4.3" Display, Dual-Core CPU & Jelly Bean
  23. Samsung Shares Their Keynote Video for Your Viewing Pleasure
  24. ZTE Developing a FireFox Based SmartPhone for Europe
  25. Hands-On Video with the NVIDIA Shield Device Shows Off Both Android & Steam Gaming
  26. Ubuntu Phone OS Available for Download in February for Galaxy Nexus Owners
  27. Lenovo Launches 6 New Android Smartphones at CES
  28. T-Mobile Confirms Their Unlimited Prepaid 4G Calling Plan Goes Live Today
  29. CES Video Interview with Samsung Exec Hints at Samsung Galaxy S IV
  30. Samsung Shows Off 'Youm' Flexible Display Prototypes at Their CES Keynote
  31. Samsung Unveils Their 8-Core 'Octa-Chip' Exynos 5 at CES
  32. Gorilla Glass 3 Shows Off Under Stress Test Against Steel Ball & 100 Pounds Pressure
  33. Samsung Posts Record $8.3 Billion Profit in Q4 2012; Selling Nearly 500 Phones/Minute
  34. Hands-On Video with the Huawei Ascend D2 Impresses
  35. Sony Officially Unveiled the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL at CES Last Night
  36. [FollowUp] Qualcomm Revamps Snapdragon Lineup with New Series 200, 400, 600 & 800
  37. Qualcomm Upgrades Mobile Chip Lineup : Introduces Snapdragon 800, 600, 400 Series
  38. Huawei Also Unveils Their 6.1-Inch Phablet, the Ascend Mate
  39. Huawei Announces Impressive New Ascend D2 Android Smartphone at CES
  40. Alcatel-One Touch Announces Scribe X and Scribe HD-LTE
  41. The iPhone 5 Falls Behind Android on All US Carriers According to Consumer Reports
  42. Ubitus Announces Their Cloud Gaming Solution Coming to Google TV
  43. NVIDIA Shows off Tegra 4 Power with MadFinger's Dead Trigger 2 Game Demo
  44. NVIDIA Shakes Up CES with New Project Shield Handheld Android Gaming Console
  45. NVIDIA Officially Unveils the Tegra 4 at CES
  46. MadCatz Shows Off New Multi-Device Gaming Peripherals Called 'GamesSmart'
  47. Giraffes Now Praise the iPad?
  48. Corning to Showcase Latest Glass Technologies at CES 2013
  49. HTC Chief Executive Admits Miscues, Promises Change in 2013
  50. [RUMOR] Samsung Galaxy S IV Pictured Perhaps
  51. Huawei Ascend P1 Now On Sale at Amazon Unlocked for $400-450
  52. The Android Mascot That Could Have Been
  53. Panasonic Brings Toughpad FZ-A1 to Market for $1500
  54. Court Rejects Part of Apple's Claims Against Amazon 'Appstore' Legal Dispute
  55. Samsung Reducing Dependence on Android; Plans 'Tizen' Phones to Launch in 2013
  56. [RUMOR] Supposedly, Only 375,000 Nexus 4 Phones Have Sold So Far
  57. Nexus 10 Tablet Now Available in Google Play Store Again
  58. [Follow-Up] More Pics Surface of the 6.1-inch 1080p Huawei Ascend Mate
  59. GameStick Android Console in a Controller from PlayJam Competes with OUYA
  60. [RUMOR] LG to Debut 7-Inch Tablet & Optimus G2 with Edge-to-Edge Display at CES
  61. Winulator Shows Off Starcraft and More Running on Android
  62. CTIA and MobileCon Team-Up to Create 'Super Mobile Show' Starting 2014
  63. Happy New Year!!
  64. Galaxy Note 2 Grabs One Million Sales in Korea
  65. OUYA Forums is Now Open - Dedicated to the First Android Powered Gaming Console!
  66. Tablet Activation's Edge Out Smartphone Activation's on Christmas Day
  67. Merry Christmas from Android.Net
  68. Happy Holidays from the Android Team
  69. Motorola & Google Working On a Project Called 'X Phone'
  70. [Rumor] Sony 'Yuga' to Launch as Sony Xperia Z
  71. Sprint Updates the Upgrade Schedule for Their 4G LTE Network
  72. AT&T Lights Up 15 New 4G LTE Markets
  73. T-Mobile Having a 'Last Chance Zero-Down' Sale; 4G Phone & Unlimited Data
  74. Samsung Success with 14nm big.LITTLE Chip; Power of a Desktop yet Ultra-Efficient
  75. Square Enix Having a Big Sale: Final Fantasy for $5, Chrono Trigger $7 & More
  76. Samsung Likely to Be Charged with Breaking European Anti-Trust Laws
  77. Samsung Display to Demo 5.5-Inch Flexible 720p Screen at CES
  78. USPTO Deals a Big Blow to Apple; Invalidates Their 'Pinch-to-Zoom' Patent
  79. [RUMOR] Galaxy Note 3 Release Date Rumored For 2013 According to Korea Times Report
  80. Sprint Brings 4G LTE to Several New Areas and Expands in Chicago
  81. 2012 Year in Review: Best 5 Android Smartphones
  82. Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Now You Can Stalk.....Track Him
  83. China is Android's Number 1 Market While US Comes in Second
  84. LG & Google Team-Up On a Nexus 4 Product Demo Video
  85. Samsung Declares They are Working Hard on Exynos Security Vulnerability
  86. NVIDIA's 'Wayne' Tegra4 Chip Details Leak; 72 GPU Cores & 6 Times Faster than Tegra3
  87. HTC "M7" Packs a Serious Punch
  88. Judge Koh Denies Apple Ban of Samsung but Also Denies Samsung's Request for New Trial
  89. [Rumor] Unofficial Preview of the Sony 'Yuga' Details Specs
  90. Samsung Reveals Galaxy Grand Mid-Range Phablet with Dual-SIM Support
  91. [Deal Alert] Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III for Only a Single Penny at Amazon
  92. Sprint's Samsung Galaxy Note II On Sale at Amazon for $100 On New Contract
  93. [Rumor] Foxconn Contracts to Build 5 Million Amazon Smartphones
  94. [Rumor] Pics of Sony "Yuga" 5-Inch Superphone Emerge
  95. Japan Brings Forth the Android Connected Toilet!
  96. Google Exec Apologizes for Nexus 4 Sales Fiasco
  97. Sprint Seals the Deal in Clearwire Buyout for $2.2 Billion
  98. Windows Falls Behind iOS and Android as Mobile Devices Unseat Desktops
  99. AT&T's Motorola Atrix HD Now Getting Jelly Bean Rollout
  100. US, UK and Canada All Say "No" to ITU's Proposed Treaty
  101. [Breaking] Twitter Post Teases Silly-Huge Huawei 8.5-Inch Android Smartphone
  102. [Rumor] Sony's Insanely High-End Phone for 2013; 3GB RAM, 128GB ROM & More
  103. Huge Google+ App Update Coming Today; Includes Several Improvements
  104. [Nutty Rumor] Intel Planning to Buy NVIDIA and Make Jen-Hsun Huang the CEO of Intel
  105. FTC Likely to Clear Google of Any AntiTrust Allegations Before the End of the Year
  106. New Rumors Rain On Our SGS4 Parade; No CES, No MWC & No Unbreakable Display
  107. [Rumor] Samsung is Being Restructured Into Two Separate Entities
  108. Verizon Makes It Official; Jelly Bean Coming to Galaxy S III Tomorrow! (Dec 14)
  109. Google Shares Their Zeitgeist 2012 Searches Video; 1.2 Trillion Web Searches
  110. Google Maps App Already Tops Apple App Store One Day After Launch
  111. [Follow-Up] Sprint Offers $2.1 Billion to Buyout Clearwire
  112. [Rumor] At Least Five Companies Plan 1080p Smartphones for Next Year (2013)
  113. [Rumors] Samsung Developing 6.3-Inch GNote3; May Debut SGS4 at MWC 2013
  114. Mozilla Rallies Against ITU Governance of the Internet
  115. Samsung Pokes Fun at Own Previous 'Home-Made Video' Ad with Holiday Sequel
  116. HTC Butterfly Selling So Well in Japan, Demand Has Outpaced Supply
  117. Sprint Likely to Acquire the Other 49 Percent of Clearwire
  118. Samsung Pokes Fun at Apple Maps in Australia with 'Stranded Vehicle' Demonstrations
  119. OPPO Find 5 Officially Announced; 5-Inch 1080p & 13MP HDR Camera
  120. Android 4.1.2 Rolling Out to Galaxy Note II (GT-7100) and Note II LTE (GT-7105)
  121. Larry Page Talks Android, Nexus Program, and Much More
  122. Rebtel Launches New Voice Layer App for Android Developers
  123. Samsung Will Not Debut Galaxy S IV at CES in January
  124. Gameloft's Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Released, then Yanked on Android
  125. Samsung's 'Premium Suite' for the SGS3 Video Part II is Released
  126. AT&T Adds a Few More Areas to Their LTE Network
  127. Samsung Teaser Video Hints at Big Things Announced Next Month; SGS4 Maybe?
  128. Google Leads a Group of Industry Elite Petitioning the Courts to Stop Vague Patents
  129. LG Calls Moving 10 Million L-Series Phones a 'Modest Milestone'
  130. USPTO Decides that Apple's Multitouch Patent Invalid
  131. [Deal Alert] 8.9-Inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD $50 Bucks Off for TODAY ONLY!
  132. [Rumor] Sprint & Dish May be Planning to Team-Up on National Wireless Network
  133. Galaxy S III 'Premium Suite' Featured in Video; Page Buddy, Multi-Window and More
  134. Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy Note II and a Few Versions of the SGS3 for Free
  135. Judge Koh Pleads for 'Global Peace' Between Apple & Samsung; Apple Remains Defiant
  136. T-Mobile Gets Competitive in 2013: Big Investments, iPhone, LTE & More
  137. Archos GamePad Now Shipping in the UK for 130; with Android 4.1, 1.6GHz CPU & D-Pad
  138. Apple May Seek to Ban Future Samsung Devices
  139. Google Updates Translate, Voice, Authenticator and Five Other Android Apps
  140. [RUMOR] Samsung Galaxy S IV Will Launch in April with "Unbreakable" Screen
  141. How Big is Too Big? Huawei Working on a 6.1-Inch Phone
  142. [RUMOR] HTC M7 dropping Q1 2013 with Snapdragon S4 Pro
  143. Eric Schmidt Finds it 'Curious' That Apple Only Sues Android OEMs instead of Google
  144. Oppo Find 5 Coming to US Unlocked $499; Droid DNA Specs & Bigger Battery
  145. Google Introduces Google Play Store Private Channel Designed for Businesses
  146. Court Throws Out Verizon's Claim that FCC Can't Require Data Roaming Deals
  147. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Coming to Android
  148. Newest Android Distribution Chart from Google Shows Spike in Jelly Bean & More
  149. Google Tweets Next I/O Conference Details; Coming May 15-17 2013
  150. Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update Leaks Out for the Samsung Galaxy Note II
  151. AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III Getting Official Jelly Bean Update via Kies
  152. Ericsson Seeking US Import Ban Against Samsung
  153. Google Employee's Cute Cartoon Suggests Next Version of Android is Key Lime Pie
  154. US DOE Investing $120 Million Research for Batteries lasting 5x longer & 5x Cheaper
  155. Triple Samsung Rumor: SGS4 Called Project J; Cheaper GNote2 Coming; Sammy Transformer
  156. 4.1 Jelly Bean Rolling out to Select Motorola Droid RAZR HD/Maxx HD Users Today
  157. OUYA Development Consoles Shipping December 28th; Prototype Pictured
  158. Internet Joke Pokes Fun at Google While It Joins The Chuck Norris Fan-Club
  159. Google Releases Android 4.2.1 Factory Images for Nexus 4, 7 & 10 (Galaxy Nexus too)
  160. New Verizon 4G LTE Version of Samsung Galaxy Camera Passes Through FCC
  161. Not Your Everyday Average Fun-n-gun; 'Nun Attack' Comes to Android for Free
  162. Android 4.2.1 Update (build JOP40D) Rolling out to GSM Galaxy Nexus (takju and yakju)
  163. Developer Edition of the Motorola Atrix HD for $459.99 with No Contract; Ships Dec 16
  164. [Rumor] Google Developing New Search Tech that Will Know What You Want Before You Ask
  165. Android Tablets Slowly Eating iPad Marketshare
  166. Samsung Loses Another Court Battle to Apple; This Time in the Netherlands
  168. VZW Galaxy Note II Available for Purchase Online and in Stores Nov 29
  169. Apple Shifting Chip Production from Samsung to TSMC; Could Lead to Shortages
  170. Google Nexus 7 3G Launched in the UK by 'Three'
  171. Android 4.2.1 Update Rolling Out to Nexus 4, 7, 10; Fixes December Bug and More
  172. Sprint Adds 11 More Markets to 4G LTE Expansion
  173. Samsung Galaxy S4 Makes an Appearance on NenaMark?
  174. The US Google Nexus 4 Will Be Back in Stock in Google Play Store at Noon PST Today
  175. Fix for Nexus 7 Lag Issues on 4.2 - Culprit May Be Google Currents
  176. HTC One X Jelly Bean Update Rolling Out Globally
  177. HTC DLX Not Coming to European Markets After-all
  178. Six More Samsung Devices Added To The Apple Lawsuit
  179. Facebook Pushing Android over iPhones for Employees
  180. Nexus 4 4G Capabilities Speculations Confirmed by LG
  181. Jelly Bean Begins Rolling Out to Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
  182. Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD Crushes All Comers in Battery Life Tests
  183. Verizon Quietly Releases the Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II for $130 On Contract
  184. Canadian Owner of Nexus 4 Figures Out How to Enable LTE; with Instructions and Video
  185. Soak Test for the Motorola Atrix HD Begins
  186. Android Forums Would Like to Wish Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
  187. Pandigital Goes 'Belly Up'; Will No Longer Honor Warranties
  188. Galaxy Nexus 'yakju' variant Now Getting Android 4.2 Rollout; Factory Image Online
  189. Verizon Expands 4G LTE in 4 New York State Markets
  190. Archos to Launch 13.3-Inch FamilyPad in the UK Next Month
  191. HTC Droid DNA Battery Tests Show Good Results Despite Smallish Battery
  192. HTC Droid DNA Now On Sale at Verizon for $199
  193. Unlocked Galaxy S3 Shows up Online for US Purchase
  194. Samsung to show an 8-core big.LITTLE chipset next year
  195. Android 4.2, Build JOP40C Now Rolling Out for Galaxy Nexus [Manual DL Available]
  196. ASUS Working on 4.2 Updates for its Tablets
  197. The End Begins: More Twitter Apps Slowly Shutting Down
  198. New Nexus 4 Toolkit Available for Download
  199. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE Edition Launches in Korea
  200. Samsung Plans to Release 3 New Colors for the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S3 Mini
  201. New Imagination Technologies PowerVR G6630 Will Be 60X Faster Than Anything Out
  202. Google Nexus 4 Droptest Video Shows It's Toughness
  203. [Deal Alert] Amazon Has Sprint & AT&T Versions of LG Optimus G for $100 On Contract
  204. Seven Band LTE Chip Revealed in Nexus 4 Teardown by iFixit
  205. PSA: The 16GB Nexus 10 Back in Stock
  206. Nexus 4 Has LTE Built In After-all
  207. Tweet Lanes Limit Reached with No Fix in Sight
  208. New Apple App Scam in Play Store and Minor Store Update
  209. [Rumor] Samsung Galaxy S IV to be Unveiled at CES 2013 with 5-Inch 1080p Display
  210. [Rumor] Google and Dish Already Developing Wireless Service Plans for 2013
  211. Sony Vows to Create Competitive Flagship Phone to the SGS3 and iPhone 5
  212. To Battle Android Fragmentation Google now 'Less Open' with New SDK Modification
  213. Google Beta for New Augmented Reality Smartphone-Based Conspiracy MMO: 'Ingress'
  214. Chameleon Launcher Drops to a More Reasonable Price: $3.99
  215. Google May Be Considering Becoming a Wireless Carrier; In Talks With Dish Network
  216. Some Nexus 4 Units Already Back Ordered By as Much as Three Weeks
  217. New HTC Droid DNA Smokes the LG Nexus 4 in Benchmarks Despite Nearly Identical Specs
  218. How-to Video Guide to Get Verizon HTC DNA to Work on AT&T or Any GSM Network
  219. Samsung Galaxy S 3 Will Get Several Galaxy Note 2 Features with Android 4.1.2 Update
  220. Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Version Shipping Today with 4G Version Coming Next Week
  221. AT&T Refuses to Share How it Calculates Capped Bandwidth Usage
  222. Samsung Moves Forward with Flexible Displays for Gadgets; Coming First Half 2013
  223. [Deal Alert] HTC Droid DNA Preorder Wirefly $50 Less Than VZW; Total $150 On Contract
  224. Google TV Receives New User-Friendly Features in 3.0 Update
  225. Samsung Vows to Fight On; Has No Plans to Settle with Apple
  226. [Rumor] Verizon Version of the Galaxy Note 2 Spotted on Display at Best Buy
  227. [Double Deal Alert] Sprint SGS3 $50 on Amazon & Unlocked S3Mini for $350 DailySteals
  228. AT&T Launching 3 New 4G LTE Locations
  229. End of Line for Android Updates on Motorola Xoom & Nexus S; No Official Android 4.2
  230. Amazon's App Suite Coming on the HTC Droid DNA; First Time for a Verizon Smartphone
  231. T-Mobile's Galaxy S III Now Getting Android 4.1/Jelly Bean Update
  232. Android 4.2 Source Code SDK Made Available by Google
  233. Sprint Shares Nine New Cities That Will Get 4G LTE in the "Coming Months"
  234. First HTC Droid DNA Commercial Went Live
  235. Google Voice on Android 4.2 Not Working?
  236. Samsung Galaxy S III Users Might Be Getting Multi-Windows Feature
  237. Analyst Predicts Android will Achieve Market Dominance Over iPad Next Year
  238. Handy Tip: Developer Options are Hidden in Android 4.2; Here's a Method to Find Them
  239. Verizon's HTC Droid DNA Pre-Order Page Live; Get the Device for $199.99 On Contract
  240. Android 4.2 JOP40C Heading to AOSP Now; Plus Factory Images for Nexus 4, 10 & 7-HSPA+
  241. Both Versions of the Nexus 4 Phone Sold Out in US PlayStore as Well
  242. Android 4.2 Now Rolling Out to Nexus 4 Early Preview/Review Units
  243. GSM Galaxy Nexus Devices Receiving Android 4.2 Rollout
  244. Verizon to Activate More 4G LTE Markets on November 15th
  245. Nexus 4 Already Sells Out on Launch Date in Australia and the UK
  246. HTC Droid DNA Officially Announced Coming to Verizon Nov 21st for $200 On Contract
  247. Staples Moving Nexus 7 8GB Models for $159.90
  248. Great Instructions for Unlocking the Nexus 10 Bootloader
  249. UK Court Hits Apple With Samsung Court Fees Because First Notice 'False & Misleading'
  250. Despite Rumors T-Mobile's Nexus 4 Won't Have WiFi Calls They Post Setup Instructions