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  1. Completely remove current Google account and start using another, without reset
  2. How to add a contact shortcut to homescreen
  3. How To: Force the AT&T Backflip to EGDE (2G)
  4. How To: audio over mono bluetooth headset
  5. View Detailed Battery InfoBattery Information With AnyCut Shortcut
  6. Setting Default Programs/Keyboards
  7. Backflip How To: Import contacts from Sim card
  8. Backflip How To: Taking Screen Shots
  9. Backflip: Multitasking How To & FAQ
  10. Backflip How To: Perform Factory Reset
  11. Enable Haptic feedback (vibrate on keypress) for on screen keyboard
  12. Motorola Backflip: AT&T Device Simulator and Tutorial
  13. BACKFLIP with MOTOBLUR: Your Phone
  14. Motorola BACKFLIP with MOTOBLUR: Fun with Apps
  15. Motorola BACKFLIP with MOTOBLUR: All your Messages
  16. Motorola BACKFLIP with MOTOBLUR: Contacts & Sharing
  17. Motorola BACKFLIP with MOTOBLUR: Table Top Mode
  18. Motorola Backflip: Screen Orientation How To
  19. Have a Motorola Backflip FAQ/How-To/Tip/Hack for us?