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  1. What program are you guys/gals using to convert dvd's to play on your captivate?
  2. email attachment size
  3. Battery Life
  4. Still need help with sideloading, doesnt work as it should help!
  5. Convert regular contacts to Google contacts... can it be done?
  6. where is the zip file
  7. Alllshare
  8. Found alot of application errors stopped unexpectedly. Please help.
  9. Avoid Data plan by using Samsung Captivate
  10. Personalized Ringtones
  11. How do I use Bluetooth to move pictures, etc. to Mac?
  12. finding the UDID on my phone.
  13. How do you sync your Captivate to a Saab 9.3 Aero's system?
  14. Samsung Captivate Call Blocking / Blacklist
  15. Samsung Captivate USB Drivers
  16. Captivate FAQ: Uninstalling Applications
  17. Captivate FAQ: Remove Bluetooth Devices
  18. Captivate FAQ: Customize The Default Shortcut Keys
  19. Captivate FAQ: Configuring the Window Animations
  20. Captivate FAQ: Transferring Content Using Windows Media Player
  21. Captivate FAQ: Changing Where My Pictures And Videos Are Saved By Default
  22. How to assign Ringtones Or Groups To My Contacts From The Social Networking Sites Or
  23. Vibrate
  24. How to change the Keyboard Style on the Cpativate
  25. Connecting the Samsung Captivate to a Mac
  26. FAQ: Sideloading Apps on the Captivate
  27. Captivate Owners Manual
  28. Samsung Captivate Specs