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  1. 4G
  2. Android System Recovery :(
  3. GPS Constantly Searching
  4. Can't text while talking on phone - new software update
  5. Password protect files/folders on android (Sprint Phone)
  6. Solar Powered Battery Chargers for the Epic?
  7. Text "Drafts Folder?
  8. PLEASE HELP. screen not working???
  9. Message Icon Wont Go Away--when I click it to open it opens new message window
  10. How do you put full sized pics...
  11. Customizing Epic 4g
  12. deleting photos
  13. Gifs not working in browser
  14. Roms w/ description... WHERE?
  15. E-mail of Epic 4G is making me MAD!, Help please... =(
  16. Does anyone know what the numbers mean after a contact's name on text? For example..
  17. Insurance claim, recieved refurbished phone that acts completely different
  18. Slow and Painful Charging?
  19. texting error
  20. Battery life
  21. Gingerbread apparently confirmed for the Epic 4G by internal Sprint document
  22. Froyo rooting debacle!
  23. Saving a picture imbedded in text message to SD card
  24. How to Restore Messages/Previous UI?
  25. I got the update
  26. Froyo update coming anytime soon?
  27. FROYO UPDATE for EPIC 4G from Samsung page.
  28. Sprint, Samsung halt Epic 4G's Froyo update due to data, SD card issues
  29. Sprint Samsung Epic 4G Froyo update is finally (finally!) rolling out tonight
  30. Froyo for epic
  31. PS3 Tether Connection
  32. Froyo
  33. Flashing samsung epic to cricket. Help with wifi tether?
  34. Where is Sprint TV
  35. I wish to root, but still no clear...
  36. Rumors Saying Froyo Coming to Sprintís Epic 4G Feb 21
  37. Want wired earbuds/mic with a decent mic
  38. Customizing Samsung Epic
  39. Experiences with the Epic 4G
  40. Statement about Android 2.2 (Froyo) Update for Samsung Epic 4G from Sprint
  41. Welcome to our members from EpicForums.net
  42. Handcent re-orders emailed txt msgs
  43. Can you lock the touchscreen while in TV or movie mode?
  44. Randomly clears out ALL txt messages!
  45. signature line on text
  46. Can't delete single text msg
  47. Forget 2.2 Jump to 2.3 or 3.0
  48. Anyone else tired of waiting for the 2.2 update?
  49. Powerful converter tools for JVC,Panasonic,Canon,Sony,Flip Camcorder
  50. A detailed collection of all HD Video camcorders and recorders
  51. Good news for iPod/iPhone/iPad Users
  52. Flash Support
  53. SD card not detected?!?!?
  54. How to silence ringers when on a call
  55. TWLauncher
  56. Guide of Converting DVD to Zune
  57. A Brief Instruction of Converting Files to Zune
  58. A Simple Method of Burning Files to PS3
  59. How to Convert Movies to MPEG-4, H.264 or AVI Supported by PSP
  60. Gallery Issues
  61. Froyo/dk28 leaked update
  62. Calendar: Accepting Invites
  63. how do i connect my contacts with facebook
  64. Cannot figure out how to copy or move photos to the SMS so I can copy them directly
  65. Spell Check- Does this thing have spell check?
  66. Battery for Epic 4G
  67. Movies on my phone how?
  68. Forwarded Emails go as files
  69. Force Landscape Mode
  70. Help Please... How do I move an email from my inbox to a folder
  71. Calendar Question(s) regarding Event Reminder
  72. Ringtones
  73. Screen Problem, anyone else have a "rattling" screen?
  74. why wont my phone connect to my computer
  75. How to enjoy Blu-ray and DVD movies on Samsung Epic 4G?
  76. Can you enlarge text when forwarding an email?
  77. Just upgraded to the Epic From Droid 1
  78. Calendar
  79. Picking up Epic today.
  80. epic 4g earphone question
  81. Email Notifications
  82. Voice Navigation Issues
  83. Flash movies
  84. Samsung not allowing emails to their customer service
  85. Is Samsung goiung to fix bluetooth???
  86. Can not access adult rated websites
  87. Problems in opening picture text messages
  88. Need MEID Please
  89. Better app than Say My Name
  90. SMS texting
  91. embedded
  92. is there a predictive text and/or spell corrector for text programs?
  93. how do I move things from my internal hard drive to my external hard drive?
  94. how do I get new homescreens?
  95. Keeping BT connected with an Alpine Stereo
  96. Had these ??? in another forum and never got a responce, hope this works
  97. 1 more question please
  98. Live chat problems
  99. Clock Options
  100. PDDF Files - best app?
  101. Font resizer erratic in email
  102. Buy a Second battery
  103. can we get auto correct for texting?
  104. Overheating...
  105. Forwarded emails in Outlook are .eml rather than in-line
  106. Wifes got an epic.
  107. Good F&&*^%&^% Riddance
  108. Sprint Battery Boost PLEASE READ IF YOU'VE BOUGHT
  109. Emails Disappearing
  110. Problems with push mail and showing email history.
  111. Battery Life + Info Re: Desktop Dock
  112. Battery Life _ Info Re: Desktop Dock
  113. screen freezes
  114. Epic 4G on Verizon?
  115. Unlock Epic 4G for Verizon?
  116. Battery life is terable
  117. movie help
  118. task manager
  119. whats up everyone
  120. texting question
  121. How to watch youtube in HD ?
  122. Help--I have two problems!
  123. E-mail setup: HELP ME PLEASE!!!
  124. NO Money Down for the Samsung Epic
  125. How to concert movies for samsung galaxy s devices and make em good =)
  126. Full backup of phone
  127. Samsung Epic with no money down and $100 credit to my account
  128. Groups under Contacts
  129. Bad Memory?
  130. Epic and 4g service
  131. anyone know how to tether the Epic?
  132. Why can't Epic play HD videos?
  133. e-mail updates
  134. contacts straight to voicemail???
  135. Samsung Epic vs Droid X benchmark
  136. How to turn of Touchwiz on the Epic 4G
  137. Samung Epic 4g HD Video Test by Server09
  138. Epic 4G Mutimedia Desktop Dock & Leather Belt Clip Case
  139. Help! Need a case for my Epic!
  140. If you bought your Samsung Epic, where did you get it?
  141. Post your home screen!
  142. Epic 4G IRC Channel
  143. Samsung Epic 4G user's guide
  144. Show off your Epic 4G Case!
  145. Insurance for the Epic 4G?
  146. Anyone picking up an Epic 4G today?
  147. Finally our day has come!!!!!!!
  148. What is the first thing you will change once you get "epic" ?
  149. Blackberry Enterprise Server
  150. Samsung Epic 4G For $200 With New Contract at Amazon
  151. Samsung Epic 4G - Already Rooted!
  152. Epic 4G Rom Discussions
  153. Epic 4G Themes
  155. Panoramic feature
  156. "Messaging" Question
  157. Galaxy s power pack...
  158. Countdown!!!!!
  159. Much more pleasing review of epic
  160. Body Glove case
  161. Samsung Epic 4G Vs. HTC Evo 4G Comparison
  162. YouTube?
  163. Epic Size Comparision
  164. 100 Members!
  165. Gps issues validated...
  166. Gordo1
  167. Notifications
  168. will we get GINGERBREAD?
  169. 3rd Party Plan with Samsung Epic4G
  170. Benchmark Test Results: Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint)
  171. Hands-on with the Samsung Epic 4G
  172. list of accessories for the epic :-)
  173. Samsung working on gps fix
  174. Epic 4G launches August 31 for $249
  175. Anyone upset with the Epic 4G price tag?
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  180. Keyboard Question
  181. Sprint Samsung Epic 4G StudentRate Member Discount
  182. Sprint Samsung Epic 4G StudentRate Member Discount
  183. Epic 4g getting LED Flash!
  184. More up close and personal of the epic 4g :-)
  185. Invisible Cell Phone Protector Shield Full Body Skin for Samsung Epic 4G
  186. Car and Home 2 in 1 Combo Charger for the Samsung Epic 4G - uses Gomadic TipExchange
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  188. august 11th!!!!! pre-order
  189. Epic Root made easy!
  190. Epic 4G Pre-Orders starting tomorrow?
  191. Sense UI vs MotoBlur vs Samsung UI
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  194. Great Collection of How-To Videos
  195. How to Root Video
  196. Organize your Contacts
  197. Epic 4G Car Mount - Arkon Mega Grip Holder
  198. Dashboard Mount for Samsung Epic 4G
  199. New Galaxy S Promo Video surfaces, shows off Epic 4G
  200. Android 2.2 Froyo or Android 2.1
  201. "Copy Paste It" Android App
  202. Hands-on with the Sprint Epic 4G from Android Central
  203. Epic 4G Screen Protectors?
  204. Full Retail Price for Samsung Epic 4G?
  205. Suggestions to improve the site?
  206. New dedicated forum for the Samsung Epic 4G
  207. HTC EVO 4G vs Samsung Epic 4G
  208. Epic 4G Root Thread
  209. Must Have Android Apps For The Epic
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  211. The Official Epic 4G FAQ
  212. Samsung Epic 4G Case Reviews
  213. What phone are you currently using?
  214. Problem with activation
  215. Samsung Epic 4G August 20th Release?
  216. Epic For Advantage Club Members
  217. Epic 4G released with Froyo
  218. Welcome to the Samsung Epic 4G Forum!
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