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04-25-2010, 02:37 PM
I came across Loganss' excellent guide (http://n1blog.ed-pages.com/), followed it, and now I can phone for free from all over the world, as long as there is a WiFi connection of course. I will copy the guide I used below, with a few additions of my own, just remember, all credit goes to Loganss.

It might seem complicated, but it's not too bad if you follow these instructions very carefully and to the letter.

VoIP on Nexus One

Please read through all instructions before following the steps of this guide.

Step 1. Obtain a Google Voice Account

Navigate to http://www.google.com/voice
(This website must be accessed from a non-mobile web browser)
Click on the “Request an Invite” link and fill out the required information.
It could take a few weeks to receive an invite.

Note: if you are outside the USA, make sure you install an IP cloak first, such as Hotspot Shield Launch. If you don't, Google will tell you Google Voice is only available in the USA.

Choose to get a new Google Voice number.
Once you’ve received your invite and you access the Google Voice page for the first time, you will be asked if you want to get a google voice number or get google voice mail. You’ll want to choose to get a new number.
Configure your new Google Voice account to your liking.

Step 2. Obtain an AntiSip account

Navigate to Antisip SARL - Enter the Internet Telephony world (http://www.antisip.com/)

Click the “Try our free sip services!” link
Click the “Create Account” link
Fill in the information asked and click the Login button
You should see the text “Your Account has been created”.
You will not receive any type of email so make sure you remember your username/password.
The username and password you entered is your SIP login info.

Step 3. Obtain an IPKall account

Navigate to FREE IP Calling with IPKall (http://www.ipkall.com/)
Click the “*Sign-Up*” link

Fill out the information as followed then click Submit:
— Choose your account type = SIP
— Choose Area Code for your IPKall Number = SelectAnyNumber
— SIP Phone number = antisip user id
— SIP Proxy = sip.antisip.com
— Email Address = EnterValidEmailAddressHere
— Password = antisip password
— # of Seconds to ring before hanging up = EnterNumber

You will be sent an email that will contain all the info you submitted and your new IPKall US DID number

Step 4. Set up the Nexus One for VoiP

Download and install the latest version of SipAgent from the Android Market.

Note: I myself prefer SipDroid, but the instructions below are for SipAgent.

Open the app, Read the agreement, and click the Accept button.
This agreement will only appear the first time you run the app.
Click the Advanced button and enter the following information:
If a field is blank, move on to the next field.

account.User = antisip SIP username
account.Password = antisip SIP password
account.Domain/Server = sip.antisip.com
account.Proxy =
account.advanced.Port = 5060
account.advanced.Registration Timeout = 3600
account.advanced.Keep Alive = 60
account.advanced.DTMF Method = RFC-2833
account.advanced.Enable NAT = false
account.advanced.STUN Server=
account.advanced.STUN Domain=
account.advanced.Enable ICE = false
integration.Lock WiFi = true
integration.Enabled 3G = false
integration.Redirect normal calls = false
integration.Log Call records = true
integration.Record Calls = false
integration.Internal Dialer = false
audio.Echo Cancellation = false
audio.Silence Detection = false
audio.Play Buffer = -1
audio.Record Buffer = -1
audio.Mic Gain = 4

The settings above worked for me on a WiFi only connection so experiment to fit your needs.

Save your settings by selecting the menu button, select “Export Profile”, then press the Back button.
Must have access to the SD card for the “Export Profile” button to be active
Register SipAgent using the SIP credentials by clicking the Next button.

A green icon will appear in your status bar if the registration was successful, as well as the SipAgent home screen saying Registered.

Click the Hide Button to keep SipAgent running in the background

Step 5. Setup Google Voice to be able to place a call using a call back

Call back = Google Voice calls a verified phone number of your choice and once you pick up Google Voice calls the number you wanted to dial for you.

Log in to your Google Voice account using a non-mobile browser
Click the Settings button
Click the “Add Another Phone”
Enter a Nickname for the phone number in the Name input field
Enter your IPKall US DID phone number in the Number input field
Change the Mobile Type to Home
Click “Show advanced settings” and configure to your liking
Click Save and a dialog box saying “Verify Your Phone” will appear
Click the Connect button and your phone will be called
Answer the call and enter the verification number using SipAgent.
Once verified, the “Verify You Phone” dialog box will disappear.

Answering calls in SipAgent: Slide the agent picture towards the green

Using dial pad in SipAgent: Press the N1 menu button to bring up the dial pad. Press the menu button again to hide the dial pad.

Step 6. Install the latest Google Voice Callback app from the Android Market

An alternative to the Google Voice Callback app is an app called GV. These instructions will be for the Google Voice Callback app.

Launch the app

Read through the introductory text then press the Next button
Fill out the information as followed then click Submit:
— Callback is enabled when … = Ask me everytime
— Your callback number = 10 digit IPKall US DID number. No spaces, dashes, or parenthesis needed.
— Phone Type = Home
— Google Voice login information = Your Google Voice username and Your Google Voice password
You will briefly see a message saying “Testing login information”

Step 7 (optional). Make a test call using only a WiFi connection

Navigate to your phone’s Settings –> Wireless & networks
Turn Airplane Mode On
Turn WiFi On
These last two steps are to ensure that the test call is made using WiFi and not your cell phone carrier.
Click WiFi settings
Press your phone’s menu button and select Advanced
Change your WiFi sleep policy to Never
This ensures that wifi doesn’t get disconnected when the phone’s screen turns off

Place a call using the default dialer
Open your phone’s default dialer.
Make sure your WiFi connection is at least Fair
Dial the number you’d like to call
At this point you will see a “Placing call …” icon appear in your status bar then
SipAgent will start ringing

Answer the incoming call from SipAgent
At this point, Google Voice will dial the number you are trying to reach

Congratulations you’ve made a VoIP call on your Nexus One!
All calls to a US number are free and calls to non-US numbers will use your Google Voice money.

04-28-2010, 08:32 AM
wondering if you could provide me with info on how to set up properly with sip droid. and also would like to know if its of to allow the voip calls over 3g. . there is an option for this in the setup process. I believe i have the sipdroid set up properly but i would like to know if i must set that service up using a phone line on my google voice account. suddenly ive gone from one number to three. your post is very helpfull and it eliminates the need for my faves, and for gizmo. . . have you figured out how to correct the voice search or dial phonetically for difficult names? the options for this under the contacts edit do not help at all.

05-09-2010, 10:50 PM
@Sophia: Thanks for linking to my site. I'm glad you found it useful.

I wasn't aware of the Google Voice site being restricted to non-us residents. Good to know.

Once you get a Google Voice account is there still a need to use the Hotspot software?

@johnraymond: I list my configuration for SipDroid and other VoIP apps I've used in my blog as well. See OP for a link. So far I've tried SipAgent,SipDroid, Linphone, Fring, and NimBuzz.

05-10-2010, 11:10 AM
Oops, sorry John, I missed your question, but now we have da Master himself to answer you, lucky us :)

Loganns, once you set up Voice, you can disable/uninstall the IP cloak, it only checks when you set it up initially.

I was lucky enough to still sign up with Gizmo5 before they stopped signups, so in my case the setup is even easier. Let's hope Google will open it up soon again, and finally become fully International as well!

05-23-2010, 01:14 AM
thankyou very much for your response. I am still getting used to my Nexus and would like to explore its full potential. . . any suggestions?? GV call back seems to stop working sometimes, and I had Fring but deleted it because i don't really know how to set up Voip, and such things. Which is why I rely on your information. I am an architecture student so i stick to blueprints, and elevations. . . please feel free to IM me jrcumm02 on yahoo

12-04-2011, 05:24 PM
I just read this posting. Does this still work for free calls via VoIP with the Nexus One? Is it totally free or do u need a Cellular One plan? Currently I do not have any cellular carrier plans--must I get one before this will work?