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08-30-2010, 04:49 AM
Fury Tech - Transparent Glow

I wanted a new skin for beautiful widgets, and most of the ones online are just over the top and weird fonts etc.

So i made this skin, nice android inspired font, white + blue glow around the edge to go with my wallpaper.

Note: The darker the wallpaper the better this will look.

To install:
-Must have beautiful Widgets
-Unzip the file (right click unzip, use winrar or 7zip)
-Open up your SD card
>Navigate to: sdcard\data\beautifulwidgets\skins
>Place this folder there

Download: http://nd1razor.deviantart.com/art/Beautiful-Widgets-Fury-Tech-181907585?q=sort:time+gallery:nd1razor&qo=0
Lemme know what you think!