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09-05-2010, 08:30 PM
A new android desktop with some features never seen before! Like cube, stretch and fading transitions and endless scroll.
Custom Application Dock widget. Note: To drag the widget use outmost left or right corner.
Conversation widget added.
Support Devices:
GPhone, Nexus One, HTC Mobile G1, T-Mobile G1, T-Mobile G2, HTC Magic G2, HTC Hero (G2 Touch), HTC Click / Motorola touchZINE-HD, Motorola Heron, Motorola Sawgrass, Motorola Sholes, Motorola Morrison, Motorola Ironman, Droid Devour / Samsung I7500 (aka Samsung Galaxy), Samsung InstinctQ, Samsung Spica, Samsung BigFoot / Sony Ericsson XPERIA X3, XPERIA X10 / Philips V900 / Huawei U8230 / Dell Mini3i / General Mobile DSTL1 / PP5420 / Haier H7 / Qiji I6 / Lenovo Ophone / Chairman
Click to Download GDE Theme (http://downloadandroid.info/2010/08/android-gde-theme/)