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10-14-2010, 09:13 AM
One of, if not the best ebook reader on Android is Aldiko, it is brilliant, but selection of books is a bit disappointing, many people do not know how to import their own books.


This video shows you how to import your own pdf's (or almost any other format) into Aldiko for easy reading on the go.

-Android phone
-Aldiko [ http://www.cyrket.com/p/android/com.a... ]
-Calibre [ calibre - E-book management (http://calibre-ebook.com/) ]

*Calibre is a ebook management tool that works incredibly well, I have not synced my phone with the calibre in this video.

*I do not have a decent webcam , so I used the Android SDK to load snapshots of how you import the books on your phone.

*Aldiko uses the .epub format, If not in this format (which it most often isent) then we must convert it (using Calibre)

-Download Calibre [ calibre - E-book management (http://calibre-ebook.com/) ]
-Install Calibre
-Import your book (any format) into Calibre (drag and drop)
-Select the book, and click the Convert button on the top bar.
-Select the current format of the book, and the output format (epub)
-Start and click on "Jobs" at the bottom to watch the progress
-Once done, click open folder, under the book image
-Copy the .epub file and drop it in your phone (after mounting)
-Place the .epub file in * phone_directory/ebooks/import
-Unmount, and start Aldiko
-Press the menu key, and hit import, give it some time to copy the file, and your done!

have fun!

10-14-2010, 09:16 AM
I was searching for something like this, and discovered Calibre!
So i made this video

Hope this helped!