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08-08-2011, 10:31 PM
did a search but nothing has come up....

in an effort to prolong battery life I have started using the undervolt feature of setcpu,

so far it seems the lowest i can go is 1225mv@1ghz, and 800mv@100mhz, with no crashing or freezing. Havent really altered other speeds as the phone is usually at 100mhz or 1ghz....

Battery life is not spectacular but better. (I have disabled deep sleep, for voip related issues.) Otherwise im sure battery life would be more than sufficient.

was wondering what values others were using...

11-06-2011, 03:16 AM
Same experience here with the lack of undervolting information out there. I am just starting out with undervolting and will be testing most of the frequencies with StabilityTest for at least 10 minutes at each clock speed at each voltage I try (anyone know if longer/shorter than 10min testing required?). Will repost when I have some test data.


Test Data:

Freq Stk Stbl Slctd
100 950 625 650
200 950 775 800
400 1050 875 900
800 1200 1100 1125
1000 1250 1175 1225
1100 1290 1250 1275
1200 1330 1300 1330
1300 1390 1390 1390 *Did not attempt undervolting
1440 1440 1440 1440 *Did not attempt undervolting

Freq: Frequency of the processor (MHz)
Stk: Stock voltage (mV)
Stbl: Lowest voltage (mV) that ran for at least 10 minutes on StabilityTest app (Classic Stability Test) without crashing or restarting, tested in 25mV increments
Slctd: Currently voltage (mV) running on phone with a ~25mV safety margin above the supposedly stable voltage

I did not attempt to undervolt 1300/1440MHz as the results for 1200MHz indicates that power savings would not be much.