View Full Version : Dropped Calls, Screensaver

09-11-2011, 06:38 PM
I have a host of problems which I'm hoping are interconnected, with my Nexus S and can't see anyone else with the same problem.

I'm on 2.3.4 Android.

The phone swaps to a X-shaped screensaver randomly during calls or applications, drops the calls and closes the applications and locks the phone - this can happen as quickly as 15 seconds after unlocking the phone from the previous time it happened.

To fix it I need to unlock the phone again, but I can't even call Samsung support (in Canada) before the call drops again, and the US online chat people won't talk to me because my IP is from Canada (I'm going to proxy through the US though if they keep this up).

The second problem is that the phone will randomly lock me out to the same X-shaped screensaver but lower the brightness to the lowest setting - in lightless conditions though you can still faintly see the screensaver moving - but when it does this it won't unlock and I have to yank and replace the battery to get it to start again.

I thought it was a firmware issue but I'm on 2.3.4, and I thought it was a screensaver issue but its disabled and screenlock is set to 30 minutes (max setting since you cant disable it apparently).

Any help would be greatly appreciated with these - because right now its the worst phone I've ever owned, and I have had a lot of phones and really liked Samsung products up till now - but may never buy another after the last week of this nonsense.