View Full Version : Backout when taking pictures

09-12-2011, 06:54 AM
Phone: Nexus S
2.3.4 - GRJ22

As every happy couple I had small issues with it's somewhat poor wifi or gps, but in the overall our relation was always pretty swell. At some I decided that I'd upgrade it's battery to one of these Seidio's 3500mha - and it was awesome. Two days and a half away from the charger.

Not everything seems pretty though... I seem to start feeling a side effect. It's the third time the camera causes the telephone to blackout and freeze when taking a picture.

Couldn't find a specific enough explanation around, but saw some people relating random problems to battery cells (that's why I mention my new battery). Also worth to mention that it had never happened before the new battery.

Does anyone experienced the same? Would anyone blame on the batteries? Or is that just minnor software bug (it also doesn't happen every time).

Some other thin I notice, is that in the camera settings, when you open the small pop ups to manage flash and stuff, although the change the setting (turn on or off the flash), the won't change state in the UI. But couldn't say I had noticed it before...