View Full Version : Error updating to 2.3.6 - "failed to verify whole file signature."

09-29-2011, 08:57 AM
I got an error when the auto update ran. I downloaded the update and transferred it to the Sd (rooted) I ran the update from recovery mode and received the message "failed to verify whole file signature." I have removed the voice search from the phone because it was real annoying. Do I need to reinstall it (or any removed google stuff) for this update to work?

09-29-2011, 08:58 AM
Yeah, I suspect that the missing voice search is the problem... Are you rooted?

09-29-2011, 11:11 AM
Yes I'm rooted. I got rid of the google voice becaues of its constant unwanted start ups.

09-29-2011, 11:17 AM
You could remove the verification from the update script and then flash the update.

While you're at it, you could also remove the recovery update scripts, so you don't lose recovery (so you can flash su to get root back)...

10-25-2011, 09:43 PM
Help....This is the 4th time I get a notice for auto-update to 2.3.6 on N1. Three times earlier it has not installed correctly. I'm rooted running the original ROM. This time I hope somebody can help before I hit that 'install' and fail again. Once I saw error ' ...someting...twitter.apk...' What could it be?