View Full Version : Replacement AMOLED screens for T-Mobile Nexus S

12-29-2011, 09:36 PM
Hey folks,

Being the genius I am, I managed to crack the glass on my Nexus S this week.

After some research I discovered that I have the 9020 model with the AMOLED screen/digitizer, but when I looked at various ebay sellers and online distributors I found rather conflicting results in regards to what was being sold.

It seems that a lot of sellers are listing the LCD versions, but I wondered if anybody had any recommendations of companies that actually offer the AMOLED screens? I get the impression that a lot of these distributors are simply listing the LCD screens as being AMOLED when they may not be. Obviously the two are not interchangeable without new motherboards and I realize there is a significant price difference between the LCD and AMOLED versions.

I could send the phone off to Samsung for $170, but I'd like to attempt a replacement myself and fear that I'd simply get a refurbished phone back with an LCD rather than AMOLED screen.

Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated! Thanks!