View Full Version : No market icon on rooted N1..Please helo.

01-10-2012, 10:40 AM
Hello experts,

I used to be a N1 user for long time, but since last year or so i was using Iphone ( from work ) and now i am back to Andriod using Nexus One.

I had rooted my N1 last year,, Just wanted to update everything on my phone. As i am not sure whats current..

These are my current settings...

Andriod Version : 2.3.7
Baseband :
Kernal :
Mod: MenelkirCM7 0.3
Build: GWK74

Couple question...
1. when we reset the phone, it usually start with asking your gmail login. - Mine doesnt ask for it..how to do it ?

2. i rememberd that i had purchased ROM Manager Premium - Now, its asking me to purchase it again ? ( May be i have not logged in my gmail )

3. Andriod Market App and couple other Apps are missing...- Dont know why ?

So, can you please let me know, how to Hard Reset ( Fectory reset ) and install latest ROM and all.. SO again i am back on track with Andriod..

Please Help.. Thanks in Advance.

01-13-2012, 04:39 PM
to get your market and gapps back, re-flash the latest gapps zip thru recovery for cm7, should be any cm7 op page

i think this is it though, unless someone else a newer one