View Full Version : SEIDIO INNOCELL 3500mAh Battery

02-28-2012, 07:46 AM
Not seen too many people giving their opinions on the Seido 3500mAh battery and back cover for the Nexus S - probably because they don't seem readily available in the UK. Anyway I took the plunge and ordered one from the US and just thought I'd share my thoughts. Put simply, what a difference it's made. I'm a fairly heavy user (mainly phone calls, twitter etc) and the original battery was usually telling me to plug the charger in at around 6pm (about 9-10 hours off the charger). With the Seido 3500mAh I generally put the phone on charge at night around 11.30 and there's usually around 55-60% battery left. I still charge it every night on weekdays (put it on charge as I leave it on as a clock over night) but there's no worry about it dying and I can use it as much as I like. At weekend it's lighter use and after 2 days use it was at 30% on Sunday evening.
The battery looks.... well it looks like a battery. The back cover disappointed me at first as it looked really thin and flimsy - but once on it looks fine and suits the phone well. Sure it's thicker but once it's in your pocket you don't notice at all.... I suppose because the extra thickness is limited to the middle of the phone and not at the edges. Makes it better to hold in your hand too and is not slippery like the original.
Overall I'm mightily impressed with it and although it is expensive it has really made a big difference and would say that if you're not happy with the life of the standard battery to consider one of these. It gets a 9/10 from me.

02-28-2012, 05:51 PM
Thanks for the review! I'll def let my buddy know that has one. He's been looking for a good Big Boy battery.