View Full Version : Wifi/Bluetooth/Carrier broken after screen repair

03-17-2012, 07:19 PM

I've been reading a few other posts about Wifi not working and ways to diagnose a software problems. I'm pretty sure this one's my fault in one way or another due to hardware reasons.

I have a Nexus One. My phone dropped pretty hard, landed on bottom left corner, LCD, digitizer, camera all cracked. I followed all of the online directions, and replaced both the LCD and digitizer.

Now, I broke the Wifi cable during the screen repair process, I don't know if it's coaxial or just a single wire, but I tried soldering it back. (This guy: http://www.parts4repair.com/wifi-cable-for-htc-desire-nexus-one/)

Anyway, since putting everything back together, the camera, bluetooth, Wifi, and connection to carrier don't work. I push the button, it says "Error" (for wifi), doesn't do anything for bluetooth, or says "Error finding networks" for phone, and the Camera app just stops responding.

Everything else on the phone works wonderfully. Just the wireless stuff and the camera. I noticed that the bluetooth chip and maybe the other wireless stuff is on the top of the phone next to the camera. Maybe it's all related?

My question is: Does this sound like *just* the wifi cable with regard to the wifi problems? Should I order a new one and try repairing again, or does this sound much worse (new motherboard, etc. etc.). Essentially, what parts of the phone can I single out that could cause these problems.

PS One mystery I encountered during the repair: I had to peel this copper sticker off the LCD screen and attempt to set it up the same way on the new LCD screen. I doubt this has to do with Wifi, or the above.