View Full Version : Replaced cracked screen, now touch screen erratic

07-15-2012, 05:09 PM
I have just replaced cracked super AMOLED screen/digitiser on Nexus S I9020. I had to separate screen from the metal frame before replacing it (followed youtube video guide Nexus S Metal Frame Swap - Bezel & Touch Keys Replacement - YouTube). While I have not done anything like this before, it all seemed to go ok for a novice.

However, the phone now seems to have life of its own (as if a series of touches are being made/buttons being pressed, even when the phone is left on its own on a surface near no human hand). This generally stops when the phone is switched off and back on via button on side, and it then operates with full functionality .... but only temporarily (maybe a couple of minutes max), before the same symptoms start again. This is not bearable for anything other than a short time!

Any suggestions?