View Full Version : Upgrading to smart phone

05-27-2013, 12:48 PM
My wife has a vintage Nokia mobile locked to Talkmobile on PAYG. At present she is a light user - texts, phone when away from home.At home we have laptops and a tablet, so she would be using the phone for internet at home on our broadband contract and on PAYG when away from home.

I am getting her a Samsung Ace for her birthday.

She would like to stay with Talkmobile, so I am looking to get her a SIM-FREE one, staying on PAYG, so I can simply (I hope?) transfer the SIM card from her present phone.

My questions are: Will it work OK? Will it access WiFi at home on our broadband provider contract?

I would be very glad of some help, please.

05-27-2013, 06:58 PM
Welcome to android.net! Not experienced with Talkmobile on PAYG, but many smartphone contracts require a data package so definitely look at that aspect of things beforehand (make sure the phone you want to get her is available as a PAYG option). If phone has wifi capabilty and you have a wifi network at home, it should connect fine.