View Full Version : HTC One 'Google Edition' Passes Bluetooth SIG with Android 4.3 & Bluetooth 4.0 LE

07-08-2013, 11:29 AM

New signs suggest we will indeed be seeing Android 4.3 coming very soon. The Google Edition of the HTC One just passed through its Bluetooth SIG again, but this time it included Android 4.3 and Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy). The reason it went through this testing again was because of the new Bluetooth 4.0 LE functionality included in Android 4.3. This new version of Bluetooth is designed to offer greater connectivity options and will do so with lower energy consumption.

This new version of the HTC One will be offered exclusively through the Google Play Store. Share in the thread if you were thinking about making this version of the HTC One your next device.

Source: Bluetooth SIG (https://www.bluetooth.org/tpg/QLI_viewQDL.cfm?qid=20536)