View Full Version : Cool Custom Android Powered Touch-Screen Gauge Pod on Video for Ford Focus ST

07-08-2013, 02:24 PM

One of our members on FocusST.org (http://www.focusst.org/), shared an intriguing video that we thought worth passing on to you guys. In the above video, shared by U S Marine, you get to see some still shots and a video clip of a gauge pod cluster for a Ford Focus ST, and what is unique and relevant about it is that it is touch-based and uses the Android OS for its interface. It's an called the Android ST Boost Gauge Pod and it is used with Torque Pro.

To be honest, he doesn't share very many details on the device, so we aren't sure if this was custom created or something you can find on a retail shelf somewhere. We would love to know more. Sound off if any of you guys have seen this before and where you can get one.

Also, if you are into cars as well as Android, be sure to check out our sister-site @FocusST.org (http://www.focusst.org/).

Source: Cool gauge pod (http://www.focusst.org/forum/focus-st-discussions/7884-cool-gauge-pod.html)