View Full Version : Samsung Employee Says the Galaxy S4 has Caused a Crisis at the Company

cereal killer
07-09-2013, 03:56 PM

With the Samsung Galaxy SIII being one of Sammy's most popular and highest selling smartphones last year, you'd think that naturally the bigger and "better" S4 would be doing just as well, if not better, right?. Well, not so fast. After already 20 million units shipped - not sold - analysts have already predicted a slowdown, and now an anonymous Samsung employee has said that the Galaxy S4 has made the company experience a “crisis”. Sales were expected to hit 100 million units, and while 20 million units shipped is nothing to sneeze at, it appears the S4 is well off pace in hitting those numbers. This can be attributed to the market saturation here in the West with Samsung's other high end products (Galaxy Note 2 and SIII) keeping predicted sales of the S4 at bay. The Galaxy Note 2 and SIII are still top notch handsets despite being "old tech", and customers aren't ditching them in favor of the "latest and greatest" from Samsung.

Keep in mind the company is not going to be crippled and take a huge hit on their bottom line, but they are more than likely going to have to rework their product cycle and tidy up their device portfolio. One thing we can probably count on is that the Galaxy S5 will probably be the company's most innovative and hard hitting device yet. We shall see.....

Source: AndroidBeat (http://www.androidbeat.com/2013/07/crisis-samsung/)