View Full Version : Phillips Xenium W8510 Android Phone Promises Ridiculous 35 Day Standby & More

07-18-2013, 11:35 AM

While all the big names in the mobile industry are focusing on enhanced cameras, ultrafast processors, artificially intelligent apps and fancy UIs, a little known upstart might just come along and offer a truly useful feature that will blow them all away. In fact, it might already be in the works. Can you imagine having a smartphone that has a 35 day standby time? Supposedly, the new Phillips Xenium W8510 Android smartphone will have battery technology which will offer that and more.

According to Phillips, their upcoming Xenium W8510 will not only have a 35 day standby time, it will also have a ridiculous 18 hours of talk time over 3G, and a 14-hour Web browsing time over Wi-Fi. Supposedly this device will be able to achieve this with a 4.7-inch 720p display and a 3,300mAH battery. Here's a quote with some more battery performance bragging rights from the company,

One interesting aspect of the Philips Xenium W8510 is its fast charging ability. If you charge it from empty for just 10 minutes, it will then last 20 hours in standby or go through 2 hours of calling without issue. After a 30 minute charge, it will last 57 hours in standby, or you’ll be able to call for 6 hours before the battery is low again.

It's hard to fathom how this device could offer that much better battery life than the competition, so for now we will remain highly skeptical. Still, if it turns out to be even remotely accurate, this could be a real shakeup for the industry. We will keep our fingers crossed and keep an eye on this for you guys.

Source: UnWiredView (http://www.unwiredview.com/2013/07/18/philips-xenium-w8510-4-7-android-phone-promises-35-days-of-standby-14-hours-of-web-browsing-time/)