View Full Version : Blue HTC One Coming to Verizon

08-01-2013, 11:03 AM
The above pic is a mockup from Pocket-Lint and may not be representative of the final shipping product.

Although the above pic is just a mockup, it is a decent representation of the news we have to share. According to a leaked internal Verizon SKU, they will have a blue colored version of the HTC One along with the Red one previously tipped. Here's a quote with the details,

Thanks to our source, we have learned that Verizon’s inventory systems have been updated with an additional SKU (stock keeping unit) code, HTC6500LVWBLU along with the description “HTC One in Blue.”

That leaves little room for interpretation, Verizon will be launching a blue color option for this device since it apparently missed the opportunity to score a red model which is coming to Sprint. Our source is not sure of the actual shade of blue, but hypothesized that it could be along the same vein as what we saw offered with the Windows Phone 8X by HTC.

Regarding the actual launch of the HTC One on Verizon, our source has confirmed that a launch in August is “definite,” but cannot confirm the newly reported August 15th date we have seen through other sources. No date has been noted for the HTC One in blue.

Even though Verizon is very late to the party with the HTC One, it's interesting to see them include this new blue device to their lineup. At least folks whose contracts will be up soon and are looking to grab the HTC One will have several options.

Source: PhoneArena (http://www.phonearena.com/news/Exclusive-Verizon-to-offer-HTC-One-in-blue_id45942)