View Full Version : Moto X Preorders Open at Best Buy for Verizon, Sprint & AT&T Models

08-05-2013, 01:46 PM

If you are on AT&T, Sprint or Verizon and are excited to pick up the new Moto X, then you may want to head to your local Best Buy. You can preorder the new device for any of these three carriers at the big box retailer. The on contract price is the same as quote previously and will set you back $199.99. If you want to buy it from Best Buy off contract it will cost $699.99, which is a large premium over a purchase through other means, like the Motorola Moto Maker website.

Alternatively, the smaller mobile carrier US Cellular is offering the new Moto X preorder and including a $75 dollar instant savings if you sign up for a new contract with them.

Also, it's important to note that these preorders are only for the white or black version of the device. Here are a couple of links below to check out these offers.

Source: Best Buy (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/searchpage.jsp?_dyncharset=ISO-8859-1&_dynSessConf=&id=pcat17071&type=page&sc=Global&cp=1&nrp=15&sp=&qp=&list=n&iht=y&usc=All+Categories&ks=960&fs=saas&saas=saas&st=moto+x+preorder) & USCellular (http://www.uscellular.com/uscellular/cell-phones/showPhoneDetails.jsp?productId=prod2210116&sort=0&customer-pricing=new-customer-standard&device-category=device-category-phone&deals-and-offers=device-deals-Web%20Pre-Order)