View Full Version : [RUMOR]Moto X Only Costs Carriers $350 So Prices Could Drop Fast After Initial Launch

08-09-2013, 04:05 PM

This rumor might be incentive to NOT be an early adopter of the new Moto X device. The industry insider Leo Laporte claims that the new Moto X only costs the carriers around $350 USD. This is actually less than carriers would usually pay for a flagship level device. It also means they are making a hefty profit by selling it at the rumored $575 retail price ($199 on contract).

This could mean one other thing too... if the launch doesn't go very well for the carriers, the price of the device could drop like a stone. This has happened frequently in the past. A new flagship comes out but isn't a huge blockbuster. Because of this Amazon, Wirefly and even the carriers themselves start selling the device at a drastic discount to get numbers moving.

Of course, despite this possibility, the Moto X is an excellent device. While some can argue it is not technically superior to the other flagship options out there, it still could potentially offer a superior experience once we actually get to try it out.

Additionally, some other intel came along for the ride with this rumor. Supposedly, when the Moto X comes to the Google Play Store, it will NOT be a Google Edition (pure Android) version of the device. Also, it looks like it is possible the MotoMaker customization options might come to the other carriers as early as November (although this is in no way confirmed).

What do you think? Is this worth buying now at a premium price, or would you rather wait just a bit and potentially get it $50-100 cheaper?

Source: PhoneArena (http://www.phonearena.com/news/Moto-X-costs-carriers-just-350-so-the-price-could-drop-fast_id46249)