View Full Version : HTC's First Big Robert Downey Jr. Ad 'Leaks' Out Early

08-14-2013, 10:06 AM

The first big HTC ad featuring actor Robert Downey Jr. was just "leaked" a day ahead of time. We highly doubt this leak was not planned. By adding the mystique of a leaked video, it just builds the hype even more. Regardless of the veracity of this leak, the new campaign is off to a bang, and it turns out to be both creative and funny. It's titled, "HTC, Here's To Change," and it basically rewrites the company as anything you want it to be, substituting various phrases using the HTC initials. One of them in the video is called "Hot Tea Catapult." Classic!

Of course the beauty of this ad campaign is that it might actually generate discussion with potential consumers as they try to come up with interesting and/or hilarious acronyms using the HTC logo. Very clever and subversive indeed HTC. Well Played!

Share your favorite acronym of the HTC logo, but make sure to keep it clean please!