View Full Version : Motorola Confirms Custom Engraving Won't be Available for Moto X at First Launch

08-20-2013, 11:28 AM

Here's a bit of bad news regarding the Moto X. A spokesperson from Motorola revealed the new Moto X Moto Maker customization program will not include the custom engraving option during the initial launch of the device. According to the spokesperson, the reason for the delay is the quality of the engraving process was not living up to Motorola's standards. Obviously, this will only affect AT&T users, since the customization options are only available for their devices. Perhaps when the Moto Maker program makes it to the other carriers, by that time they will have worked out the kinks in the process.

This news may put a damper on some of the more intricate and personal customization options, but at least the myriad of custom color combinations is still available. We will keep you informed when/if this changes.

Source: MotoXForums (http://www.motoxforums.com/forum/moto-x-news/121-motorola-confirms-custom-engraving-wont-available-moto-x-first-launch.html#post1125)