View Full Version : Do You Have A Replacement Battery for Your Samsung S7500?

09-27-2013, 04:07 AM
:OCan your battery power support your use in daily life? My brother likes doing many things with his Samsung S7500: checking emails, browsing webs, chatting with his friends, playing games and watching videos. So his phone is usually thirsty. Have you met the same situation?

My brother wants to buy a replacement battery for his Samsung S7500, but he and I do not know which brand is the best. He doesnít want to buy another original battery. It is too expensive. He told me that he saw a brand called MPJ gain praise for its quality, but I have no idea whether it is ture. I get to their site to have a look. The 2500mAh EB464358VU battery for Samsung S7500 is only priced at $16.99. It seems that it is much economical than the original battery and other third-party replacement battery for S7500. According to the company, the battery can fit S7500 well and it can be sent to me with frre shipping. They said that they have 30 days return policy and all their products are CE approved. It seems very attractive, but my brother do not yet decide to buy it because we donít really know it well.:android-nerd: Is there anyone here knowing the MPJ battery or anyone having bought a replacement battery for your Samsung 7500? Could you tell me which replacement battery you use? Or could you give me some advice about the MPJ battery. Do you think it is worthy to buy the battery?:android-lol: