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02-10-2014, 07:57 AM
is there any way to get rid of Motoblur which i find annoying,
can be a real pain especially if you want to change SIM card. as phone is then blocked, until one accesses Motoblur account to change settings-so if no Internet access available at the time, you're stuffed cant use any other SIM.

Plus if one should sell the phone one day really not possible as phone be locked for new owner if he tries to insert their SIM. so I want rid of Motoblur!
any advice be welcome

02-11-2014, 03:33 PM
Welcome to the forum!
Motoblur is Motorola's operating system, and comes stock on all Motorola phones. If you want a different look, try downloading a third party launcher. There are dozens of free launchers on the Play Store. Most of them have free versions you can try, and then offer "pro" versions for anywhere from 3 to 15 bucks. (which you don't have to purchase... But the pro versions will give you more customization options) The most popular ones are Go Launcher, Apex, Nova, Next etc. Third party launchers are the simplest and quickest way to change the look of your phone, and again, they ALL offer many more features than your stock OS (Motoblur) provides you.

As for the sim question, that shouldn't be an issue as long as your phone is "paid off" (if you purchased it "on contract"), because he'll need to purchase or use his own sim anyways.
Good luck!


02-12-2014, 12:26 AM
Probably the simplest way to avoid dealing with MotoBlur is to buy a non Motorola phone. As CR6 pointed out, Motoblur is Motorola's operating system. Buy a Samsung phone and you wont have to deal with MotoBlur.