View Full Version : [RUMOR] Google Having Problems Getting Nexus 6 Name; Might Default to Nexus X

10-10-2014, 10:11 AM

We aren't sure what to make of this one, because there are not enough facts presented to make complete sense just yet. Despite that, this rumor is still worth sharing just in case. Supposedly, Google is having problems negotiating for the Nexus 6 name for their next smartphone. Because of this, they may end up having to default to the Nexus X name.

The odd part of this is trying to figure out who it is they would need to negotiate with to get the Nexus 6. We suppose it could be either Ridley Scott or Warner Bros., because of the Nexus 6 name used in the movie "Blade Runner," but that is just random speculation.

Ultimately, it wouldn't be too disappointing if licensing the Nexus 6 name fell through, since the Nexus X name sounds pretty slick too. Either way, most of us here in the forums don't really care about the name, just as long as the device is solid and cutting edge.

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Source: TKTechNews ('http://tktechnews.com/2014/10/10/nexus-x-or-nexus-6-moto-g-and-htc-desire-gpe/')