View Full Version : WiFi Disconnecting

06-03-2015, 01:05 AM

I have got Galaxy S5 it disconnects from WIFI very often. Generally, when my home wifi modem disconnects from service provider for few seconds or minutes and reconnect again, my phone loses WIFI connection every time and do not reconnect automatically. So, first I have to go to phone settings -> wifi -> select network -> click forget, Turn off WIFI switch from the phone, then go to WIFI modem turn it off manually and restart it. Then go back to the phone start wifi, select wifi network -> enter password and then it works. I have another HTC phone which does not lose connection from WIFI modem no matter how many times WIFI modem restarts, my HTC connects with the WIFI automatically. It seems galaxy phones do have this problem. I had earlier GALAXY S3 and it had the same problem. Do you guys have any solution?