View Full Version : [RUMOR] Chromecast (2nd Gen) Coming September 29th With Several New Features

09-18-2015, 10:40 AM

Chromecast fans might be intrigued by the latest rumor. Supposedly, on September 29th (the same day as the Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6 announcement), Google will be revealing a newly upgraded Chromecast device. According to the report, the second generation Chromecast will include several handy new features, including improved WiFi, Spotify support, and a feature called "Fast Play."

It looks like the handiest little HDMI multi-media dongle is about to get even better!

Source: 9To5Google [1] ('http://9to5google.com/2015/09/17/exclusive-this-is-the-2nd-gen-chromecast-w-backdrop-feeds-better-wifi-fast-play-more/'), [2] ('http://9to5google.com/2015/09/17/exclusive-google-and-spotify-launching-chromecast-support-later-this-month/')

10-18-2015, 12:42 AM
may b it will be good chrome version then others

02-02-2016, 07:17 AM
I'm glad to hear that google is updating it's handy devices. I'm looking forward to this news.