View Full Version : Encryption Unsuccessful ZTE Sonata 4G

07-06-2016, 10:31 AM
I'm at work and I look down and see a screen that says "Encryption unsuccessful" along with a couple of paragraphs basically saying the phone can't access the data (if anyone needs the complete verbiage, let me know). I didn't try to encrypt phone so no idea where this came from. Stock phone, no hacks or anything. The only option is to reset to factory. When I select that, I get a screen with a number of options. They are:

1. reboot system now (takes me back to encryption unsuccessful screen)
2. apply update from ADB (Now send the package you want to apply...) - no idea what this is. Had to pull battery to reboot.
3. wipe data/factory reset (takes me back to encryption unsuccessful screen)
4. wipe cache partition (takes me back to encryption unsuccessful screen)
5. apply update from external storage (I have no update to apply. more on this later)
6. apply update from cache (unable to find an update)
7. md5 check (does some stuff, reboot to encryption unsuccessful screen)

The phone is a ZTE Sonata 4G with Android version 4.1.2.

One saving grace is that I was able to get a hold of another exact same phone. I do have an SD card, so is there some way to download an update to it and load it on the dead phone (or any other way to fix it). Thanks