View Full Version : SGS5 - Moving Apps From Internal Storage to SD Card

09-22-2016, 07:36 PM

Dear Experts

I was trying to follow all the instructions in the link above but still I am getting the error message below :

Mount Script cannot be created. Mount:No such file or directory

I am using Samsung galaxy S5 (SM-G900I) , Android version 6.0.1 was rooted successfully as installed root apps confirmed that.

Phone has SD 32 GB and via my laptop card reader (i.e not via phone and USB cable) I created two primary partitions 30 GB FAT32 and 2 GB ext2 when it didn't work I changed it to ext4 but still no joy.

What I tried so far uninstalled and installed Link2SD twice still receiving the same error above

I tried to create the second partition on the external SD card while the phone is connected to my laptop via USB (i.e not using a card reader ) , instructions in the link below


Although my computer recognized the internal storage of the phone and the external one but laptop program Mini partition couldn't see the external SD card ,,,,why I don't know !!!

Any advice what should I do to overcome this issue ?