View Full Version : Did I Brick My Phone?

12-19-2016, 01:52 AM
Hey guys,
So ive spend the past day trying to get Nougat on my 10.
I started by following sneakys instructions and got Vipers ROM installed but then realized that my phone wouldn't connect to Verizons network. With some research realized that I shouldn't have used sneakys firmware and used the Verizon FW, Radio, Hboot Nougat updates.

Ended up running a RUU to get the radio issue resolved, flashed Vipers Nougat ROM and everything was peachy except the Home button didn't work. Found a post that it was a firmware issue, tried flashing sneakys FW update and TWRP, when I was flashing that the phone shut off, and hasn't turned on since.
Tried fastboot reboot, Vol Up + Power, Vol Down + Power, Power, No response. No charging light.

Any Ideas? Ive heard of some phones going into a coma for a bit, has the 10 have that issue?