View Full Version : Home Button Not Fully Working After Restore | Galaxy Ace

Wildan Abdat
04-17-2011, 10:37 AM
Hi Guys..here's my situations, i need to upgrade my Micro SD from 4 to 8, since i've too many installed applications, and i dont wanna redownload it again,and also because last time i upgraded the SD Card which i just copied the files Card-To-Card from laptop, application becoming not installed, so i decided too backup it with tools called MyBackup. after test some similliar tools in the market, MyBackup seems fit for me.... let me describe the process in below sequence

Backup All Apk+Data into current SD Card With MyBackup
Copy Backup File from existing SD Card to the New SD Card
attach SD Card to phone =>ReDownload MyBackup =>then Restore from Backup file
not all application can be restored :android-displeased: - but i can accept it

after phone starting up, i'm facing some like corrupted application (suspicious application is Go Launcher Ex), i cant go to application menu, then i decide to try my old SD Card(i'm not delete any data yet), but what i got is, i dont know why but all the process above is effected my home button, so its doesnt fully work, long press is not working, but i still can take screenshot which is combination of "back" softkey + Home Button.. this is weird.. i'm sure its not hardware problem. without Home Button my Galaxy Ace is seems ackward in operation

anyone of you guys could help me with that problem?? please..