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08-01-2011, 09:35 PM
I have a very very BASIC question and would appreciate if someone help me

How do you OPEN an application using Eclipse?:android-cry:

I mean I have tried my first two android projects FROM SCRATCH and run them successfully.
But now I want to open someone else's project (some example codes). But I can't and I don't know how.

1) Which one of the numerous files is the "project file"?? (is there one?)

Now, I asked and got two responses, both of them don't work

one person said:

File->New->Project and create project from existing source...

I tried that but it says "it already exist another project on the workspace, try importing"

so i tried that other option

File >Import >General> Existing Projects

When I did that it "opened" the project but very weirdly. First it is FULL of errors..(and obviusly cant run it) and even in the source section there is not only the source files but also com and com.androidbook etc other files that never should appear...

I dont remember the error message but will post it later

so please

How do you guys open an existing android project in Eclipse? (a step by step tutorial would be great)

Thanks for all the help..


09-11-2011, 03:47 PM
Make sure to remove any conflicting files from your workspace, and use the first method (if it's an android project)

hth :)