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09-06-2011, 06:50 AM
I am not sure if I can describe properly what has really happened, but I can tell you what I did and as a result, I can't access any longer my Gmail, YouTube & Android Market!

I use one phone (non Android) for the SMS messages and regular calls as a 24/7 phone, but I access the web from my other phone which is HTC Wildfire.

Just a few days ago, I created a Google+ account (got an invitation). I have been changing its SECURITY settings.
What I did was, I added another e-mail address (non Gmail) as a recovery e-mail and also added my phone number to get SMS (text) messages in case I login from another computer (or phone). I noticed there was an explanation (which I can't find again these last few days!) concerning Android phones, but didn't do much about it and the consequences now are horrible: I can't access my Gmail (the original Android application, NOT the setup-e-mail application!), my YouTube accont and the Android Market!!!!!!!!!!

I also installed the Google+ (and Google+ hush?) on my Android, but when I realized they wouldn't work - I uninstalled them.

The error message I get when I try to check my Gmail says my account or password has been changed. Of course, I try logging in with my password and - it wouldn't work! YouTube says "Error" and I also can't access the Android Market (password has not been changed on any of them!!!!!!!!!).

I don't know what to do!
There must be a solution for these issues, but I would ask you to have in mind that I am of non-English speaking origin and not a developer, so the explanation or instruction I should get should be "for dummies" :( .

I have even been thinking about DELETING my account, but then again, I would then have to sacrifice information (e-mails, playlists etc.) for good - which, of course, is NOT something I would like to do.

I also thought of resetting my HTC Wildfire to its factory settings... also sad solution.

Please, help me!!!! I am desperate!!!!

P.S.: I sent this to the Google Help Forums, too.

09-06-2011, 10:09 AM
I thought someone was at least gonna say something... :android-sad: