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09-12-2011, 09:31 PM
Hi im new on here I didnt know where to post. Sorry if this is the wrong place. Unfortunatly i was trying to get my droid out of two recoveries it was in RZ zero and SP i didnt know what i was doing and ruined our phone. If anyone has an old one or just sitting around or wants to donate it. Id be interested. I dont have much money at all. It can have a crack on it like the one i had as long as it works and touch responsive and safe. I used this for my kids they liked pogo and wifi there was no service on it so bad esn is fine or whatever. I have battery and cable and all. Please PM if you know of someone.I think when pulling the battery back n forth to keep it from going to boot. Something lose came off inside thats its a white screen background now and i hear something loose inside now. It was old. I have a prepaid Samsung Verizon Smooth flip in blue good battery and with charger i can at least trade for something hopefully doesnt have to be good condition just working and with wifi thats all I have no service in WV we are in a rural area. Any help would be great