View Full Version : "Frequently contacted" ... Any way to delete?

10-13-2011, 12:37 PM
So far I like my choice. I have had the phone a few weeks. Put the camera to use over a short trip to the upper Peninsula of Mi. Both Video and still pics.

My one beef is privacy. I can delete most logs, but when you open your phone to call, the contacts has a favorites ...Then under the favorites it kindly lists "Frequently contacted" with a list of contacts you apparently called (or maybe edited the contact a few times).

I can not delete this list...

What? I have to lock my phone? if you GF asks to use your phone to make a call hits favorites (since it probably will list the # she wants...like the pizza shop).. and under the favorites low and behold you EX's name and # pops up!

If you lock your phone it's what are you hiding and you can't hand it to you GF or wife if you have one for fear some contact pops up like your bookie... sex toy shop etc, LOL

Anyone know how to get this list to go away or to refresh it. I have accidentally dialed my local police # and don;t want it there to prevent it from being dialed again by mistake.. as well as some other personal numbers I really do not want my GF to see.

NOT the best system for keeping you personal usage off the phone.

Any apps that will wipe history?

I will get my docking station soon and will enjoy it even more. Pics look nice on my Plasma TV