View Full Version : Play a Video File (Over 2GB) on Xoom

10-17-2011, 09:56 PM
Sometimes, we need to put some Blu-ray or DVD movies on xoom to kill the boring time during journey. Since xoom supports HD video playback, we care more about the video quality. However, higher quality with bigger size and most video players won’t find files larger than 2 GB for some reason. I use another file management program (Astro File Manager) to find the movies I want to play and select Mobo player to play them, the movies viewing experience is perfect.

Below is my own experience to play a 720p 3.8G movie on Xoom

1. Download and install Astro File Manager on xoom from android market.
2. Open the “astro” folder. Click “File manager”. Astro FM will default to the directories on the internal memory (which is called the SDcard on the Xoom). You can click “up” to other directories. Choose the movie you want to play.
3. There will be a message to allows you to choose media player. Here i use mobo player, because it will play most video programs that other players might not play.

Hope this is all clear and helpful.

Information about putting Blu-ray or DVD movies on xoom

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