View Full Version : Will Nexus One be offered?

07-12-2010, 09:52 AM
I'm trying to figure out if Sprint will offer the Nexus One or not. Most of the info online is from May, however, and most people seem to refer to a statement by Sprint on 5/10 that they will NOT offer the Nexus One. Well, on 5/17 the same company distributed a press release saying they WILL offer the phone and that the "availability date [will be] announced soon."

Sprint | News Release (http://newsreleases.sprint.com/phoenix.zhtml?ID=1403426&c=127149&p=irol-newsArticle_newsroom)

After this press release there seems to be no info available. I've found a bunch of articles discussing Sprint or Nexus one, but they all seem to refer to the 5/10 negative statement without reference to the 5/17 positive statement. This is all very confusing.

So I contacted Sprint and asked them if and when they will offer the Nexus One phone. And the reason I asked is that my two-year contract is about to expire; Sprint would therefore have to give me some kind of offer to make me sign another two-year contract. Their answer was that they cannot answer - even if they have the info, they cannot tell me. Strange way of trying to keep me as a customer, I must say.

I found via Google that on 6/15 many sites reported that there would be no CDMA version of the Nexus One. This news would again contradict the info "out there" and is just even more confusing. Especially since there seems to be "Nexus One Dual-mode GSM/CDMA 1X" phones available for sale online (e.g. here Hottest Google Nexus One Dual-mode GSM/CDMA 1X with WiFi Java...USD173.88 Wholesale Price at DHgate.com (http://www.dhgate.com/hottest-google-nexus-one-dual-mode-gsm-cdma/p-ff80808128ed99fd012910f41ba061c1.html))

Anybody got any more info or good hunches?