View Full Version : Problem Sending and Recieving Picture Messages

08-01-2010, 07:23 PM
My family and i just recieved 4 brand new Samsung Intercepts and none of them will send or recieve picture messages. Texting works fine, Wifi works fine, and 3G works fine. Ive contacted customer service at least 4 times and they cannot figure it out. they are telling me to restore the phone (which would cause me to loose all my data) or get new phones. im pretty sure the restore won't work since my father already did that because his voicemail wouldn't work and his still doesn't send or recieve pictures. there are no error messages or anything, it says the picture is sent but it never seems to get where its going. I also find it hard to believe there is something wrong with the phone since all 4 phones are having the same specific issue. it is getting very frustrating. Please Help!!

09-08-2010, 06:58 PM
OK. After countless hours with Sprint regarding 4 phones we had activated, I finally spoke with Michelle who resolved the problem concerning not being able to send/receive pictures via messaging, etc. When we ported our old numbers over from AT&T, Sprint failed to tell us to not turn on our old AT&T phones for at least 24 hours. This apparently messed up the porting process which manifested itself into picture messaging problems. The reason we turned our old phones back on was simply to transfer over our contact information. Michelle was a great problem solver and should be promoted for her efforts to look outside the box on this issue. The other tech types did nothing more than look at their list of ways to solve this issue. If you are new to Sprint and have this issue then ask the Sprint rep to re port your old phone numbers since it is not on their list of things to try. Or you may get lucky and get connected with Michelle.