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10-09-2010, 12:13 AM
Hello everyone, To start off this is not my first android phone. I have had a Samsung moment and Samsung Intercept before my new Samsung Epic. Within minutes of leaving the sprint store i noticed the phone had locked up. All the buttons would light up and the screen would remain blank. I had to remove the battery to reset the phone. Next I went online to dl a few common apps that I used on my older android phones. As soon as I opened the browser I got the "connection interrupted and could not connect" messages. I then tried to load facebook for android. It could not connect. At this point i noticed the data transfer icon on the task bar was disappearing and reappearing. When i got home I ran updates on the phone via my wifi connection and called and informed sprint of my issues. They sent a ping or something to my phone and said everything appears to be fine. I decided it must have just been a random glitch and went on using the phone. Over the past week I have had over 20 apps crash, the phone has locked up as stated above over 20 times and I can not hold an internet connection. Neither my Intercept or moment had these issues. I am guessing I will have to return it and get a new one. I like the phone. I just want a problem free one.

10-09-2010, 08:21 PM
I would suggest taking it to the sprint store and having them exchange it out. I've had my Epic for a couple days and haven't had any of the problems that have been discovered, I've actually had great battery life and no app issues so far, I'm still within my 30 days so I'm undecided if I want to keep my Epic or go to an Evo.

I love my phone so far though, it's awesome

10-11-2010, 01:23 PM
I don't have an Epic, I have a Palm Pre and I am not sure if this helps, but my Pre has also been having a hard time keeping hold of a data connection and I also live in the Winchester area.

I keep dropping to 1x whenever I do anything data intensive. I can be in plain site of the cell tower with 5 bars service.

Sprint hasn't been much help for me. :(

My wife's Pre and a co-workers Evo are doing the exact same issue. I did a PRL/Network update about a month ago and I'm wondering if that's what started it, before that I was golden.

Doc Pep
10-16-2010, 06:34 PM
I just started having the same locking up problem. It started last night and I was never able to get it to "unlock". My Epic get to the point where it shows the Galaxy S loading screen, then goes black and all the keys light up. I bought the phone a month and 2 days ago, so I am just past the point of being able to return it. I talked to Sprint today and they're ordering a new one.

10-16-2010, 08:56 PM
I'm 9 days into my Epic, and I've done a lot of Internet information gathering trying to get to know this phone. I really love it! I don't have a lot of the issues mentioned in this thread or elsewhere on this site or others. The problem is, I've had enough glitches that I'm trying to determine if I need to exchange for a new one. I understand it's all very technologically advanced and that it won't be perfect--so the question is, can I live with what I've already encountered? Are any of these issues serious enough to warrant an exchange? Help?

1. Day after I got it, it charged all night, would not power on next morning (I never did power it off.) Had to remove battery to resolve. (I had to remove the battery quite often on my Treo.) Hasn't happened again.

2. Feeds and Updates Widget kept logging me out of FB and Twitter. Finally trashed it. Can live without it.

3. On Day 5 Sync wasn't working at all with FB & Twitter (Accounts and Sync in Settings.) Also kept logging me out of both. Seems to have resolved now, but I don't quite trust it. Did it again for FB yesterday, day 7. Found that if I powered phone off and then back on it seems to resolve the sync issue. Except for today when I powered phone off than on to fix email (see item #6 below) and was logged out of FB again!

4. Also on Day 5, plugged in phone to charge. Would not charge. Didn't recognize the connection at all. Tried AC and USB variations. Nothing. Battery removed, resolved. Been okay ever since.

5. Have not been able to update PRL or Profile. (Oh wait! It just did PRL as I was typing this. First time in 6 attempts.) However Profile still no luck. Each time I get the message: Error: Your profile could not be updated at this time. Please try again later. If this problem persists, please contact customer care. Error: No service error. Not sure what the PRL or Profile is, but according to my Internet research this is a widespread problem. But is it serious?

6. Had problems at least twice with the email (Pop3 accounts) not pulling in received emails from the server. The first time, it pulled in just one of the five that were on the server. Today, it would not pull in any. I powered the phone off, back on again and magically it resolved. I need to know for sure that I can get 100% of my email on this phone. However, after I got my email downloaded, it said that I was logged out of FB again!

7. Yesterday hit the button to activate screen. It activated, but only with the background, no home menu or swipe arrow to unlock. Nothing I did would change it, turned the screen on and off a couple of times with the side button but it remained frozen. Finally popped out keyboard, and the unlock arrow and everything else immediately showed. Huh?

8. The speakerphone sucks! But the sound in the headphones is pretty good. I suppose I can live without a speakerphone.

Other than that it's been pretty good. My concern is that if I ignore these issues it will be a harbinger of worse or ongoing things to come. Better to exchange now than wait until Day 29 and have to set up phone to my liking all over again. I would really appreciate any suggestions as to the best course of action under these circumstances! Thanks!