View Full Version : Battery dying too quick, screen issues

10-14-2010, 06:09 PM
Fully charged this morning @630am total on a normal day my phone gets about 2-3 hours total use between facebook, email, internet and of course text messages. Well I went easy on it today and the battery was dead by 4pm.
My BB curve, same routine but more useage wouldnt die until 11pm or later this is with it constantly updating emails and facebook messages with no delay from time they are left. Why is this one dying so quick with overall less use?

Screen takes several touches to do anything, sometimes for the letters on the screen I have to touch to the right of it and it will hit the letter I want, using facebook it is hard to move around to links using the touch screen, using the pad wouldnt be so bad IF it was like an arrow on your computer.

Message notifications has no options to have the screen flash, little light flashing or something that will let you know when you look at your phone it has got a message or call you missed. (not turning on the screen to look for a little icon) What would also help is either a colored circle next to the icon that has a message or something, or even a line going across that says you missed call or you have new message.

Does the EVO have these issues as well? Or should I just go back to my BB?

10-14-2010, 09:57 PM
For me what has worked the absolute best is turning off 3g when i'm not using it. Granted this may not be the answer for all but whit 3g off you almost lose no battery...its amazing. I can go 4 hrs without using my web access and when i turn it on i have only lost maybe 2%