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11-29-2010, 07:04 PM
I am using PDANet for a tether. A few days after I started using it I lost data service several times in one week. A call to Sprint resolved the issue each time with a lot of turnitoff takethebatteryout punchin##3282# etc.
This morning the phone service couldn't make or recieve calls. A call to Sprint fixed that also... the nice? man at Sprint said PDANet will just keep making these things happen again and agian. Has anyone had this problem and what could be done about it?


11-29-2010, 11:29 PM
I've been using PDA net for about 3 months. First the free version then I shelled out 15 bucks for the full version. The free one expires eventually.

I found if I follow the exact sequence it allways works, without problem.
Again this is on a evo, android 2, windows xp, with sprint.

-PC software already installed on computer.
-Droid client installed on phone.

1. Start pc without phone connected.
2. Wait untill all programs start.
3. Turn off PDA client app, on phone.
4. Set phone connection to disk drive... settings\connect to pc\usb connection type. Select disk drive then hit "done"
5. Plug in the phone to the computer.
6. Hopefully the computer then sees the phone as a disk drive. I leave the settings on the pc so that a pop appears which asks for the action on that type of device. This shows me the phone is seen by the computer. Just hit cancel so the pop up appears next time.
7. By this time the little PDA net icon should be black and white as it appears in the lower right hand of the computer screen in the running services icon tray.
8. Start PDA Net on the phone.
9. Right click on the icon on the pc, and it should connect.

This is what works for me. It seems that if I do anything different, it does not work.
Once in awhile the first browser will not connect, so I just try again and it works.

Hope this helps.

11-29-2010, 11:39 PM
Whoops, I forgot a important step.

Before the phone is connected to the PC:
Enable "USB Debugging"...settings\applications\development\usb debugging.

Also if you are paying the 29.99 a month service for tethering, cancel it. PDA net may be affected by it, and it replaces the sprint service.