View Full Version : Deleted mms.apk on i1

12-30-2010, 02:39 PM
Hello, I've posted this on a couple of forums now, as I realize it's kind of a niche request...

I've managed to delete my stock messenger from my i1. Thought I backed it up before poking around, but as it turns out, I only backed up my sms/mms messages. It looks as though I'm missing the stock mms.apk file. I've tried to download it from other frameworks/roms, but most won't install "cannot be installed on this phone" or hang and crash when I try to access it. I've tried using handcent and chomp, the reason I was uninstalling it in the first place, but I cannot send or receive messages since the uninstall. Could someone please tell me where to get the stock mms.apk or a sufficient workaround?

Much obliged for any help you can provide.